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Madaleine McCann, The Unfinished Story

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Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann

Well it seems that the story of Madeleine McCann is drawing to an unsatisfactory conclusion.  If she is ever found now it will be down to sheer blind luck and I would not be so crass as to give the odds of her appearing alive.

The Pyrric victory for the poor parents is that their suspect status is now retracted, and also that of Robert Murat.

Well I have to say that the police operation, even if it did take up unprecedented amounts of time and manpower, has been a total failure.  They have not turned up a single shred of reliable evidence on any of the suspects.  They have not found any other suspects or made any arrests.  They made the parents suspects on the most frivolous of evidence.  They made Robert Murat a suspect simply because he had the means, (by which I mean access to the pool’s plant room) if not the motive, to kidnap a child and hide her close by.  They did not use the local or foreign media to their own advantage.  And now that have announced that they have virtually given up.

Sorry, that just isn’t good enough.  What if it was your child out there?

But the past is the past, there is no further need to go raking over it.

The important thing is what do they do now?

If the police need to re-deploy their resources then they need to allow the McCanns to re-employ a private detective.  Under Portuguese law this counts as interfering with police business, but if they take it to the high court they may get a special dispensation.

They will need to make closer ties to Interpol, and establish contacts within them.  And then I guess they just keep on hoping, like we all do.


Written by Nick Gilmartin

July 22, 2008 at 11:09 am

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