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An open letter to the People of Zimbabwe

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To the people of Zimbabwe,

Please do think carefully about this power-sharing deal Mr Mugabe has proposed.  Please bear in mind that dictators do not share power, it is not in their nature.   Mugabe does  not need Morgan  Tsvangirai, in his mind at least.  He has no respect for him, openly calling him a cry-baby for taking refuge in the Dutch embassy.  This  did save his life and preserve the head of the opposition.

The last person who tried power sharing with Mugabe was Joshua Nkomo, who was eventually outmanouvered and fled the country in fear of his life.

All he is trying to do is prise him out of sanctuary so he can kill him and stamp his authority down on the country.  Who then could oppose him?

Of course Morgan will have to come out some time, but the conditions and the timing are not right yet.  First Mr Mugabe needs to dismantle his internal security apparatus and disband his battalions of war veterans.  Then the world may offer a helping hand.

So what now?  Well Morgan Tsvangirai needs to address the Hague, Amnesty international, the Whitehouse, and the UN to offer himself as a credible alternative to the pirate Presidency currently holding Zimbabwe to ransom.  Once a deal can be struck Mugabe can be transplanted to a country without extredition, maybe the Gold Coast, his Golden escape route. Then free elections can begin and food supplies can be flown into the country.

Then Zimbabwe can be truely great again.


Written by Nick Gilmartin

August 14, 2008 at 8:45 am

Posted in in the news

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