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The Georgia Crisis

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To the President of Georgia,

Did you know that if you poke a bear up the arse with a big stick it will bite your fucking head off?

If so why didn’t you remember this when you decided to take on the armed might of Russia with a few battalions when your main forces are in Iraq?  You rushed into a badly planned military adventure and got your arse kicked.

Your reasons were highly ambiguous.  You thought you could play Cuba to Russia’s America.  Very bad idea, old son.

Lets rewind back a few years to the Czechoslovakia crisis of 1938.  Picture the South Ossetians as the Sudetenland Germans and Russia as Nazi Germany.  Now picture Georgia as Czechoslovakia and we have a carbon copy of this weeks events.

Lessons were hard learned in 1938 and they have been applied this week.  The UN will not act to save Georgia, as it simply isn’t worth the trouble at the minute.  When a new, more sensible president is elected, we may do business with him.  But he can never be allowed to join NATO, it would make the Russians too paranoid and lead to a new cold war.

The issues your country faces require a diplomatic solution, and now I speculate it will be carried out by a successor administration.  But please do not try anything as dumb as fighting Russia again.

Leave the dumb stuff to us, we are professionals.


Written by Nick Gilmartin

August 14, 2008 at 8:51 am

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