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The Murder of Inga Maria Hauser

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In early April 1988 the Larne ferry arrived from Scotland. On board was an 18 year old girl from Munich called Inga Maria Hauser and shortly after arriving in Larne she was brutally attacked.

Her neck was broken and she was found in a shallow grave. Her body, next to her rucksack and diary were found by a forestry worker in Ballypatrick Forest, near Ballycastle.


Since the DNA revolution tests have been conducted on these items but no suspects have ever been found. Now in a new investigation, headed by Detective Superintendant Pat Steele 1500 people have been called to take DNA swabs in the latest attempt to find the killer. These include the passengers and crew of the Galloway Princess, dock workers, soldiers, local taxi drivers and other members of the general public.


In April 2002 Ballycastle police station received a phone call anonymously. The caller confirmed the suspicions of the identity of Inga’s killer. Unfortunately the caller could not speak to detectives directly and they are desperate to re-establish contact.

The reason why all this is of interest to me is that two members of my family were on the same boat and they too have provided DNA swabs. No suspicion has ever been pointed towards them I would like to add.

In an unrelated story, another family member, a retired CID detective, has been assigned to the Madelaine McCann case. Let’s just hope they come up with something.


Written by Nick Gilmartin

November 25, 2008 at 10:42 am

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  1. hi ! back in 1988 my father was involved in the investigation into Inga Hauser’s Murder. it’s really strange, but of all the ‘things’ that went on in NI this is still very much in my thoughts. Murders like this were not commonplace. Many young tourists would not venture to the province because of the troubles
    i think the police still beleive they are looking for a lorry driver from the mainland who many have killed young women before.
    i really hope they catch the bastard before he dies


    November 8, 2010 at 12:40 pm

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