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Die Hard 5: Showdown in Mumbai

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The gunfight of downtown Mumbai is now over, and all there is left to do it bag up the bodies and count the cost.

To briefly bring you up to speed if you have been off-planet for the last week: On Thursday the city centre of Mumbai (formerly Bombay) was attacked by ten gunmen armed with AK-47s, pistols and grenades. They walked into restaurants and hotels and began shooting at foreign nationals, particularly targeting British and Americans


Several hostages were taken in the Jewish quarter of the city. Other sieges included the five-star Taj Mahal palace, where gunmen holed themselves up. Fire was later seen spewing from the windows.

Within minutes Indian N.S.G. Commandos were on the scene and taking control of the situation.
They assaulted the Jewish day centre, killing the militants within. They sadly found the five Jewish hostages dead.

Indian N.S.G. commandos assaulted the Taj Mahal Palace

Indian N.S.G. commandos assaulted the Taj Mahal Palace

Their sweep-and-clear operation in and around the Taj Mahal Palace took several hours, as they were hampered by fire and fleeing guests. Only one militant have been reported captured alive.


The these killers managed to infiltrate the city is a cause of some controversy. They seem to have arrived in dingys from a fishing boat discovered yesterday by Indian marines who are still on high alert. On board they found the captain, bound with his throat cut, and also a Global Positioning System in one of the holds. This device may indicate where the militants arrived from.

A lot of people are quick to implicate Pakistani intelligence in the plot. It is not the first time they have been accused of colluding with Al-Quaeda to carry out actions in the Indian State. As a result the head of Pakistani intelligence has flown to Mumbai to co-operate with the investigation.

The Militants are said to be Al-Quaeda inspired fanatics. But their tactics seem to have been pulled straight from an action movie. Where is Bruce Willis when you need him?


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November 29, 2008 at 2:29 pm

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