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The Shannon Matthews Trial

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As a Yorkshireman this case has been of some interest to me, even more so as I suspect there is still so much that could still come to light.

The facts to date are as follows:


Shannon Matthews (9) disappeared from her home in Dewsbury on 19 February this year. A massive police operation was mobilized costing an estimated £3.2 Million

On 14 March she was found alive, hiding in the space under a bed in her uncle’s house. Her uncle, Michael Donovan, was arrested at the scene.


The trial of her mother and uncle is underway at Leeds Crown Court (where I dropped off many an affidavit in my previous job life), and it has had many revelations.

As the facts emerge the complicated relationships between the Matthews family goes under the microscope. A prevailing atmosphere of fear and denial hangs over the proceedings.


As I stated in a previous post, the story has a long way to go, and a lot of questions need addressing.

Why was Shannon drugged with sleeping pills?

What was happening to her while she was out of it?

What part did her uncle (who has already been charged for possession of child porn) play in all this?

What was the mysterious noose-like strap hanging out of his loft?

The fact is there is a lot of lying going on, and nobody is really sure what the collective motive was, possibly rewards money. The motives of some individuals are far more sinister, and it seems Shannon may have, in fact, had a lucky escape.

For further information follow this link to the BBC website


Written by Nick Gilmartin

November 29, 2008 at 12:25 pm

Posted in crime and law

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