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The Isle of Wight.  England’s pretty little front garden with it’s Cowes Festival and Osborne House, home of Queen Victoria.  And Zombies.


Hang on… ZOMBIES??!


Thats right, a whole tribe of them live alongside the seaside donkeys and daytrippers.  Led by Darren Winter, artist, film-maker and zombie-in-chief, they have expanded to club nights, movies and even advertising beer.

So how does this fit into the teashop and candy-floss image of the Isle of Wight?  Well, it doesn’t to be honest.  In fact the whole burgeoning horror scene is the island’s counter-culture.

For the last two years they have held the Zombie march through Ryde and other towns, stumbling, swaying, peering in windows and generally scaring the living shit out of people.  I so want to join in one year.

Most recently Darren and his team have been working on their feature film, Bad Place.  The Isle of Wight’s own Blair Witch?  We wait with bated breath as it is now in post-production.

When he is not scaring the bejeysus out of the tourists Darren works on his art project, inked in the blood of his victims, presumably.

Actually no, some of them are cut from Vinyl.  He also does comissioned portraits.


So I had a few questions for the King of the Undead:

I bet Halloween is fun in your house?

We do dress up with our daughter and have Halloween dinner but this year we hope to go trick or treating now she’s older.

We usually do the Wightzombie march in the evening around
Halloween time which is always good fun but my dream would be to have a big house and lots of money to turn it into a haunted house for a week or longer, have people come in and scaring the hell out of them, maybe a competition where someone get money if they spend a whole night there……..


How big is the horror scene in the Isle of Wight?

We have a large alternative scene on the Island (Dark Wight) so horror films go down well here. Most islanders are still quite naive and sceptical to new things, that’s why the alternative island is so strong.

You either conform to the island way or you don’t, its very black and white (pardon the pun) and as a horror film maker who has a deferent point of view I’m up against some resistance when it comes to ideas and the business side.

What fiendish plans have you made for 2009?

2009 is going to be a busy year with another baby on the way in May and a planned house move in with parents who are moving down from London.


I also want to get started on a new, scary as hell, horror film this year plus some music vids, 2 film festivals, finding a distributor for my first horror film Bad Place, hopefully a EWF Wrestling horror film with another film producer Joe Jenkins and various other scripts and film project in pre-production, Ahhhhhhh.


Tell us something about your art?

I mainly do it as a sideline; I do two types of art, abstract art (the graffiti artist in me) and a new style of art using Vinyl and Enamel.

The abstract art is all about flow and colour and the vinyl at is a technique I started in 1990 when i started work in a sign shop, basically i take a photo and I separate the photo in to a maximum of 4 colours, I then blow it up and hand cut each separation out of the coloured vinyl. Then i get a glass coated metal panel made by A.J.Wells that gets put in a furnace at around 500 degrees creating a tough as hell Enamel panel. Finally I lay the hand cut vinyls on the panel colour by colour and hey presto. its kind-a like posturizing a photo on the computer but without the pixelisation you get from those cheap looking, pop art style canvases you can get.

I’m hoping Sharon and Ozzy will buy me portrait of them so if anyone reading this knows them please let me know, he he.


If you want to see my stuff please go to www. darrenwinter. com


Written by Nick Gilmartin

February 5, 2009 at 12:38 pm

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