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Ronald Biggs: At least he wore a mask

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It has recently been revealed that the convicted robber, Ronald Biggs may be released soon due to health grounds.

Privately I am satisfied that the Home Secretary has made this decision as Biggs is now pushing eighty and far too frail to carry on his sentance.

I don’t think, in the current climate of bare-faced financial irregularities, that it is fair to keep a dying man in prison while so many banks have themselves turned robbers.


In many ways Ron’s life on the run has proved  a sentance on it’s own.  His life has been  stressful and traumatic.  It separated him from his family, it left him unable to attend the funeral of his son in the seventies.  It left him financially destitute and unable to work under Brazilian law.  It deprived him of healthcare and it left him prey to kidnappers and a clique of detectives and journalists who swore to bring him down.

Yet it is hard not to marvel at the man’s fortitute against such adversity.  Surprising, in hindsite, that his friend, Bruce Reynolds, did not give him a more active role in the robbery.

But Ron’s days are nearly over and I sincerely hope for all concerned that he does get his dying wish, to have a drink in a British pub as a free man before he dies.  I don’t care what anybody says he is a national treasure.


To read his fantastic autobiography check out Ronald Biggs – Odd Man Out ISBN 0330-33768-8


Written by Nick Gilmartin

February 18, 2009 at 2:22 pm

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