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Truly unfortunate names

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I was fairly lucky when my parents named me.  I come from a fairly noble old Irish family with a sensible name.  Heck, we even have our own crest, a cross with a sun and moon on the arms.  We have a motto ‘God is my help’ (though I sometimes think ‘God help us’ would have been more appropriate).  They picked a good first name, Nicholas, which could be shortened to the well-hard sounding Nick.

So spare a thought for the poor souls with less than salubrious names.  Such unsung heroes and heroines as:

Barry Cade

Carry Oakey

Jenny Taylor (keep saying it fast and you will get the joke)

Jo King

Mr Titman (I actually served this guy once.  I didn’t meet his wife, which was a shame).

Tim O’ Tahy

Susan Melley (She went to school with my mum)

Sue Mee (And she was a solicitor to boot)

And if you think that’s bad spare a thought for her brother Roger…


Written by Nick Gilmartin

February 26, 2009 at 3:54 pm

Posted in Humour

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