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Comic Relief Climb: Will they do it?

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Well it seems Cheryl Cole wants to be the first person up Mt.  Kilmanjaro in high heels.  From what we have been hearing she may well do it.

Along with Cheryl, we have Ronan Keating, Denis Van Outen, and that well known athlete, Chris Moyles, among others.  They are making steady progress up the western side of the mountain.  As you see in the diagram the western side is the shallowest.  It is deceptively known as the Coca-cola route, because it is compatitively easy.  It has huts and even stalls for food and drink dotted along it’s path.

But is it as easy as we think?  Yes and no.  All you have to do is walk up it, it requires no rope or crampons or helmets.  But you have to take it very very slowly to avoid atmosphere sickness, such as hypoxia.  If you try running up the path you will soon endure headaches, vomiting and digestive problems.


I have been following their Twitter feed and it is proving to be hard going, though they are shaping up admirably.  A few mishaps have occured, one girl took a tumble while relieving herself, another has smacked her head on a rock.

By studying their prose on Twitter you can judge their fatigue.  Their sentences have become clipped and short, but they are making steady progress.  Their final assault on the summit takes place at midnight, their time.

To follow our intrepid bunch of celebs follow this link:


Written by Nick Gilmartin

March 6, 2009 at 12:51 pm

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