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Introducing Sara Benincasa (Strap in, gentlemen)

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One of New York’s rising stars on the comedy circuit is Jersey Girl, Sara Benincasa.  Recently awarded MTV Choose or Lose citizen report for New York, Sara continues to make waves in the state and national media of the states.


She hosts her own show called the ‘family hour’ at comedy venue Comix.  The topic is naturally families, but we don’t recommend bringing the kids or your own mom and dad.  Good heavens, no.

During the run up to the 2008 elections she perfected her parody of Sarah Palin down to a freaky likeness.  Some people could not tell the difference, which tells you more about credibility of Palin than Benincasa.

Not only that she has also written story ideas for the, sex blogs for, and best of all, she interviews people in her bathtub.  Maybe she was pushed for time or something?

Evidently behind the flame red hair and big puppy eyes she is ferociously intelligent.  But life has not been all plain sailing for Sara, she spent years suffering agrophobia and panic attacks.  But, hey, it gave her more material to write about.  I sat through her bowls of pee routine cringing behind my fingers.

This link contains one potty-mouthed lady talking about peeing into bowls.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you,you candy assed Mary Whitehouse suck-up.

So we Myspace’d her and we put a few questions to her.

Did you see the big riot outside the studio for America’s Top Model? Were you there foraging for the strappy sandal to match the one you just found containing a dismembered foot?

I actually started the big riot at the ANTM tryouts. I’m into starting riots. And humanitarian movements. Sometimes these motivations come into conflict with one another. I’m a complicated person. And I actually have several dismembered feet.

Did you pull out the toe nails and keep them as a false pair?

I prefer to eat them, for the protein. And the laughs!

Yummy.  You interview people in the bath. Do you ever see any farty bubbles going on down there?

I have never encountered fart bubbles whilst interviewing anyone in the bath. People have thus far been great about holding that in.

We all want to know, when are you going to do a few UK dates? Because if you think America is a fucked-up country…

I would love to come to the UK and do some comedy. But this might be an expensive endeavor, unless someone were providing me with a bed and possibly food. You see, your country is currently more financially successful than mine, and the exchange rate is in your favor. Therefore, I am but a poor cousin from the colonies, who will resort to telling jokes for scraps of bread.

Is the current recession providing a wealth of new material?

Yes. See bit above about being a poor cousin from the colonies. Granted, it’s not great comedy. It’s not even particularly funny. It’s just true. Sigh.

You say you crave the approval of Lesbians. As a guy I can totally associate with that. What is the best way to get the girlfriend to approve a threesome?

Hmm. Not having been in any threesomes myself, I am going to base this on what I’ve heard while doing my radio show (it’s a sex chat show on satellite radio in America and Canada; if you people had only held onto your most fabulous colonies like you were supposed to, you might have the satellite radio as well.)

I suppose the best way to get her to approve a threesome would be to ask her if she genuinely has any interest in doing it. If not, you really shouldn’t press the matter, as it’ll turn into a fucking shitstorm and she’ll end up leaving you for a more enlightened fellow, and also she’ll tell her dad that you are a perv and then he will hate you. Let her know that you’re okay with just watching, not participating (making it a bit less of a threesome, I suppose, but at least you get to watch!) And let her pick the girl, at a bar or pub or whatever you people call it.

And be open to the fact that she might want another guy in the mix. And she might want to ask you and the guy to make out. Things could get really gay up in there, is all I’m saying.

Spoken like a true agony aunt.

To see more of Sara Benincasa follow this link:


Photos by Anya Garrett.


Written by Nick Gilmartin

March 22, 2009 at 9:05 am

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