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Lewis and McLaren off to a slow start

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Early indications of a win for McLaren at Albert Park are far from encouraging. In practice yesterday morning Lewis Hamilton, the world champion posted 16th and later 18th place.


Lewis was quoted as ‘listening to’ an offer from a rival team but he chose to stick with McLaren, in spite of the retirement of his mentor Ron Dennis. This is not unusual, he has been getting offers from other teams all winter, all of which he has politely declined. He still wants to stay with a winning McLaren team, but can they provide a car that will speed him to victory?

The new McLaren car, the MP4-24, is a world away from it’s predecessors. It has a new wider front wing and a much narrower rear wing. The front wing has driver-operated flaps. just like aircraft wings.

For those unfamiliar with the application of down-force, allow me to explain. We all know an aircraft takes off because it allows air currents to get under it’s wings and tail. These have flaps to allow more or less air under the aircraft as it wishes to go higher or lower.

To use down-force with a car the opposite applies. The air pushes over the wings forcing the car closer to the ground and giving it more grip.


In it’s arsenal the MP4-24 also has the new KERS system. The idea of the Kinetic Energy Recovery System, is to store power as you brake (don’t ask me exactly how). Then this energy is released at the touch of a button on the driver’s wheel. Warp speed Scotty! Sounds like fun, can I get one?

I will allow Mr Sebastian Vettel to explain further..

And what of the other teams?

Well Williams, Toyota and the new Brawn teams are in a row over their rear diffusers, which may be illegal, and this may lead to any podium victories being provisional until the matter is cleared up. The three teams (already being dubbed the diffuser gang) have posted remarkable times. Some drivers feel this is no coincidence. If however the diffusers prove legal the other teams will have no option but to follow their set-up.

Stuff the KERS, get me a Sat-Nav

Stuff the KERS, get me a Sat-Nav

In Melbourne itself the party atmosphere is tangible in spite of poor ticket sales. Lewis has been seen playing Cricket with Shane Ward. Barbeques on the sidewalk are the order of the day and sunshine is predicted.



Nick promises to try and cover every race of the season.

Gentlemen start your engines!!!!


Written by Nick Gilmartin

March 27, 2009 at 12:32 pm

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