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Lilith Silver: The Original Lesbian Vampire Killer

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The hot new Brit-flick Lesbian Vampire Killers is currently causing a stir at the box office, and highlighting the success of British new-wave horror-comedy cinema. With it’s self explanatory title and cast of young comedians and hot models it looks set to cement the flourishing careers of Horne and Cordon.

But the tradition of Sapphic lovelies kicking ass has one important fore-runner. Actress Eileen Daly who played fatal beauty Lilith Silver in the 1998 movie Razor Blade Smile.


Best of all she spent most of the movie clad in skin-tight P.V.C brandishing a variety of weapons, not in the least her fangs and cheekbones that could slit a throat. Why not take a look?

Since then her career, not just as an actress, but lead singer of The Courtesans, has skyrocketed. She is now part owner of Salvation Films, who specialize in macabre horror films that have reached international acclaim.

You played the original Lesbian Vampire Killer in Razor Blade Smile. Do you have any advice for these young upstart nippers?

Yes – don’t give up your day job

Meow. Who is your dream victim?

Just about anyone from the New Labour party

Do you think you made a better vampire than Sadie Frost?

It goes without saying!!!

Over ten years on, does your character, Lillith, still have a huge following?

It’s growing by the day. And what’s more I’m doing another Lilith job in a movie set in New York this autumn called “Little Miss Macabre”

Your new film, Braincell, is a violent horror set, without any irony, in Liverpool. Do you get to speak in a Scouse accent? Wear a track suit or hoop earrings?

‘fraid not, actually. I play a nasty,dominant sadistic nurse. (Oh and so sexy…)

Tell us a little bit more about it?

Its about a university where a wave of violence is spreading due to the strange experiment of Dr Joseph Cornwall i.e. Joe Zaso. His estranged niece Hannah arrives from the States to live with her uncle and soon after uncovers a horrifying mystery. I had a great cast to work with, and a great part. I played Nurse Audra, who has a very horny love scene with Mat Berry ( IT Crowd) who played Neil Balsam. Dane Brooks plays a male nurse and Leon Lopez (Brookside) is Fred the zombie from hell! Everyone was so nice to work with on set, no egos (well one or two but they not getting a mention!). I will tell you when its out, and I can’t wait to see what you think, if you like lots of blood in your films then you’ll love this.

Here is some footage of the filming of Braincell.

Please tell me you still have the black P.V.C outfits…?

No gave them away, and my teeth.


And finally tell us a little bit about your band?

The Courtesans are a gypsy glam rock & roll band. They specialize in dark tales in waltz-time, sleazy tales set to deadly swing-beats and swampy arabesque stomps. Their set travels from Louisiana to Peckham via Berlin and they invite you to join them on their wild and entertaining voyage!

Lesbian Vampire Killers is at the cinemas now, so go check it out.

Razor Blade Smile is available in HMV, or here at

And you can follow the Courtisans via their myspace address:

Eileen’s new film, Braincell is still in production and is due to be released in October. We will be following the progress of Little Miss Macabre with bated breath.

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Written by Nick Gilmartin

April 1, 2009 at 5:56 pm

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