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If you have been watching the UK News this week there is one story you cannot have missed. One of the top Prime Ministerial aides, Damien McBride has been forced to resign due to allegations of bullying, sending hate e-mails and setting up a blog to spread scurrilous claims about Tory personal lives. The fall out of this affair resulted in McBride’s resignation and Mr Brown writing letters of apology to senior Tory party members. This is unprecedented in British political history for one very important reason.

The man who brought this man down wasn’t from the Daily Express, the Times or even the News of the World. It was a man with a blog, just like the one you are reading now.

Guido Fawkes, the pseudonym of blogger Paul Staines, has proved compelling reading for the Ladies and Gentlemen of Westminster in recent years. Started in 2004, the blog, entitled order-order, has been voted by the Guardian as best political commentary.

Political Blogger Paul Staines

Political Blogger Paul Staines

What makes this man so dangerous? Well he isn’t part of the Fleet Street set, and therefore doesn’t play by their rules or keep to their agenda. He is, however, subject to libel laws, just like all of us.

Mr Staines is an interesting fellow. Not only has he been a political animal, he has been secretary general for the UK branch of the International society for human rights. And when he wasn’t busy with that he was arranging acid house parties in private members clubs.

And Paul is not the only blogger making waves. Mike Morgan devoted his blog to uncovering the failings of the Goldman-Sachs bank. They, in reply are counter-suing for improper use of their name. But his blog has had thousands of views from irate customers and seems to be developing a cult following.

So what will be next for the Bloggers of the Self-styled Citizen Media? Well I predict we will rise and rise. Journalism does not pay much money and, even in Britain, it is highly regulated. But the Blogosphere as it is now known, is the wild west.

Which probably makes Gordon Brown General Custer.

To read more of the affair follow this link: alternatively to read more about Mike Morgan go to:

and to read more about Paul Staines go to


Written by Nick Gilmartin

April 14, 2009 at 7:15 pm

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