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Aston Martin and Lola looking to return to F1

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*** Breaking F1 news***

And now the good news!

According to recent press releases from the chairman of Prodrive Engineering,  in the guise of it’s racing partner, Aston Martin, Prodrive are very keen to get back into Formula 1 racing.

To quote David Richards, Prodrive Chairman:

“They hold the promise to return F1 to its fundamental ethos, where success comes to those with the most ingenious engineering and best organisation, not simply those with the biggest budget.

“We are therefore very optimistic, but let’s wait and see what the final proposals look like when they are published next week.”

All they have to do now is get it past the accountants…


Aston Martin did construct cars for Formula 1 between the 1958-1960 period without any success.  This was back in the days when British made cars dominated the track with names like BRM, Lotus  Cooper.  Of course this was back in the days when they didn’t have Prodrive as their main resource.


But in this new age of budget capping Bernie has thrown open a whole new world of possibilities for smaller teams to pick up the F1 gauntlet.


The other team that has expressed an interest is Lola Cars, based in Huntingdon.  Now they may not sound familiar to many but in fact they supply the whole of the A1 racing paddock with their chassis.  A lucrative contract indeed.  Lola had a long history of supplying chassis for client teams in Formula 1 before finally fielding a team of their own in the 1997 Grand Prix.  But my word, was it a disaster!  They only entered two races, failing to qualify for the first, and withdrawing from the second.  Shortly afterwards, and six million in debt, Lola went into administration.


To read Lola’s press release, copy and paste this link.

So the two teams seem to have a lot in common, both are successful manufacturers for client teams but when it comes down to racing their own teams they fell flat on their face.  So why do they want to do it again?

There are eleven teams currently competing for three new team places on the F1 grid.  Who will the others be, we wonder….?


Written by Nick Gilmartin

April 24, 2009 at 3:24 pm

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