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Mike Raises £1252 for Motor Neuron Disease Charity

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Is thar Jordan's arse I see ahead?

Is thar Jordan's arse I see ahead?

A big well done goes out to Mike Juett who ran the London Marathon in 6 hours and 37 minutes.  By 6 hours and 38 minutes he was on his second pint.

Mike, from Shepperton, near London, has been a supporter of Motor Neuron Disease Association for nearly over two years.  He described his race as a surreal experience.  He saw a giant blue pig, followed by two orange people, who turned out to be Peter Andre and Katie Price.  He even got his arse out on Tower Bridge (thats my boy!)


So I tracked the old boy down and asked him a few questions.

How long have you been involved with Motor Neuron Disease charities?-

I wanted to run for The Motor Neurone Disease Association in the memory of my aunt who died 18 months ago. There are two main ways for a applying for the run. Either through the marathon itself or through a charity. I applied through the marathon, although didnt get in. To be succesful through this method is pretty much down to luck as it’s highly oversubsribed. I think there are something in the region of 100,000 applicants for 30,000 places. After this rejection I wrote to MNDA directly, expressing my wish and potential to raise moneyy for them, and they kindly accepted and offered me a place. This is my first involvement with them.
How did you train for the marathon?

I’m a big lad as you know, so my main goal initally was to shed some weight to help my running easier. I didn’t get confirmation of my acceptance until early January giving me 4 motnhs to prepare. First step was to cut out alcohol, I haven’t drunk a drop since new years eve. I started to run 3 times a week, gradually increasing the distance. I shed around 18 pounds in that time, I didn’t however achieve as much in training as I would have liked, time just seemed to fly by. They recommend that you should be able to run 15 miles comfortably before attempting the marathon safely, admittedly I fell well short of that. This was to be my 4th marathon though, so I knew what to expect.

Did you see anybody famous?

I saw Peter Andre and Jordan. Jordan was struggling with her knee and I went past them with a mile or so to go. I didn’t see any other celebs tho, think they had all finished by the time I had got to the end, lol.

What was the atmosphere like?

The atmosphere is just sensational, you cant fault it. Everybody is just so supportive, the spectators and your fellow runners. It’s a very special day, I recommend anybody to do it.

Was there a moment when you hit ‘the wall’?

I knew from the off that I was unlikely to be able to run the whole way, how people do that god only knows. I think “the wall” hits them more. I knew my fitness was such that I had to adopt a different startegy, so generally walked for a bit, ran for a bit. The top half of my body felt fine, but my bototm half was killing. There was a point where it felt like bones where going to burst out the soles fo my feet, I guess that was my wall.

What did you do after the marathon?

Some friends from work kindly came up and supported me, meet them 2 or 3 times around the course and then at the end Sat in the park for a bit then cautiously made our way to the tube to go home. Go home about 7.30, went straight to bed after crawling on my hands and kness to get up the stairs 🙂

How much have you raised so far and how will the money be spent?

Hoping to raise about £2,500. Have £1,250 online, and have to colelct a further £1,250 from people have sponsored me on a form in the old fashoned way, if you like. I’m quite likely to work with about 200 people whom have been very generous.

The money goes towards further research into MND and helps the families of those suffering with MND

It is still not too late to make a donation, just click the lower link.

Mike’s efforts will ensure that sufferers of MND will continue to get round the clock care and the best treatment we can provide.
Visit –


Written by Nick Gilmartin

April 28, 2009 at 3:31 pm

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