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Lewis Hamilton: It’s a suspended three race ban.

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The final decision from the FIA is to give McLaren a three race ban, which is suspended for twelve months.  They will not lose any drivers or constructors points.

It could have been a hell of a lot worse.  All the talk of over-zealous FIA  decisions proved false.  I think a lot of credit goes to Martin Whitmarsh, who worked hard to diffuse the situation, where I am sure Ron Dennis would have only exacerbated things further.  Lewis helped by admitting his culpability and making a full apology.

The three race ban has been suspended for twelve months.  Why was the ban suspended?  Well the FIA are aware of the changes Martin Whitmarsh has been making to cut out the cavalier attitude towards FIA regulations.  It sought to recognise his ongoing efforts, which has done much to impress Max Moseley.

There has been some grumblings among other teams that the decision has been too lenient.  But then what else would you expect?  Max Moseley has gone on the record to say that the decision is not too lenient.  In an interview today with Edd Straw he stated:

“We think it’s entirely fair. They’ve demonstrated there’s a complete culture change and under those circumstances it’s better to put the whole thing behind us.  Unless they do something similar, that’s the end of the matter.”

I personally feel they have just had a tap on the wrist.  Given into account McLaren’s recent history, such as the stolen Ferrari plans, it may have offered an opportunity to get their house in order.  It has rid them of less scrupulous elements, such as Mr Ryan, who have led the team into disrepute in the past.

So none of this decision will harm Lewis’s attempt to defend his title.  All he needs now is a more competitive car.  Over to you, Martin.

Anyway enough of me, what do you lot think?


Written by Nick Gilmartin

April 29, 2009 at 4:36 pm

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