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Star Trek and other up-and-coming films

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This is a bit of a good month at the cinema. First the Star Trek movie comes out on 7th May, and it looks really good. No cardboard sets, or rubbery aliens this time, it is all CGI action. And the sequences look absolutely amazing. One for all the family, I think.


The best film my partner and I have seen recently was The Boat that Rocked. Truly a feel-good movie that takes you back to the days of the swinging sixties. Back then the only thing pirates were armed with a 45rpm record player, and boy did they loved to party! It is based on the true story of Radio Caroline that broadcast rock and roll music to the UK from a trawler anchored off the coast, and gained a huge cult following.

Now the remake part of the show. At this rate, this will be the show unless Hollywood comes up with some original ideas. The Seven Samurai is due for another unneeded remake. This time it is about a bunch of Blackwater mercenaries who are recruited to defend a town in Thailand. And the usual stuff goes down. Please just buy the original, it is much better.


Doctor Feelgood himself, Michael Moore, is working on another new project. The outspoken director of Sicko and Fahrenheit 9/11 returns with a film about the recession. After all he will know who started it, right? Well fill your boots Mr Moore, we may even watch if we can ever afford a cinema ticket again. Nah we will just wait and download it illegally.

Be afraid – be very afraid. Sly Stallone is making Rambo number 5. Thats right, five. Why, please somebody tell me? They ran out of steam after number two. What is so original about a gun battle in the jungle?


Now be um, afraiderer? Knight Rider the movie is coming out in 2010. Thats right, the same show we watched as kids with David Hasslehoff. Now the franchise is not new to remakes. Art imitated life when Knight Rider 2010 was released in 1994, and a new series was released as recently as 2008. Thankfully both were Hoff-less. It is still unclear who will be in the new film but a cameo by the original Michael Knight seems somehow unavoidable.

Anyway get out of the house people, go see a movie, make me feel less guilty about downloading!


Written by Nick Gilmartin

May 4, 2009 at 6:28 pm

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