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The FIA Ferrari War

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I have been completely ignoring Formula 1 all week, in spite of one of the biggest wheeled-wars threatening to erupt at any minute.

Earlier this year Bernie Ecclestone and Max Moseley announced that from 2010, because of the world wide reccession, they would be capping the budget at 30 million, later topped to 40 million.


Well the costs of Formula 1 just keep going up and up, it is getting harder and harder for smaller teams and new blood to compete.  Also the world wide recession was making life hard for constructors to stay in business and preserve jobs.

So why is Ferrari, and now Renault, Red Bull and Toyota so annoyed by it all?

Well Ferrari and co make cars.  Ferrari in particular make very fast very expensive cars and they need a place to showcase their speed, competitiveness and dominance.  Where better than Formula 1, the fasted car chase in the world?

So what will happen?

Well Ferrari have launched an injunction to prove they are serious.  They may flounce out of Formula 1 altogether, which would be  a shame.  But they have nowhere else to go from there really?  Can you really see Ferrari in Nascar?

They could one day form their own series, like Renault, but such a move takes extortionate amounts of money, time and attention that could be better used elsewhere.

Keep watching and see what happens.


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May 16, 2009 at 8:42 pm

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