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Is Formula 1 heading for a ‘Year Zero’?

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Monte Carlo Harbour, this morning.

Monte Carlo Harbour, this morning.

As I parked my ocean-going Yacht, the S.S. Shagulika in Monte Carlo Harbour this morning I was surprised to find there was, for once, no shortage of parking spaces.  It seems the new money that has filled the banks of Monte Carlo in recent years has been creamed off to pay mounting debts as companies go into liquidation.

This is a weekend under a cloud, for very many.  None more so than Max Moseley who has the full force of Ferrari and their lawyers raging against him.  Recently the court battle between Moseley and Motezemola threatened to escalate beyond anybody’s control.

Not only Ferrari are threatening to flounce out.  Renault, Red Bull and Toyota have openly supported the battle against the budget caps.

Ferrari's little motor home, you hardly notice it really.

Ferrari's little motor home, you hardly notice it really.

Ferrari’s big-ass three storey motor home at the front of the paddock exists for one reason only, to emphasise who is really running the show – or so they think.

All Formula 1 teams have to register for the 2010 season by the end of May 2009, and the brinksmanship of Moseley and the team bosses will be tested to the limit.

As it stands we could lose some of the best drivers on the grid.  Former World Champion Kimi Rakonnen would find himself without a drive, as would his team mate, Felippe Massa, who’s valiant attempt at a World Title won him the respect of many.  At the end of 2008 I was as sad to see Massa lose as I was  happy to see Hamilton to win.

We would also lose two-time World Champion Fernando Alonso, and his team mate Nelson Piquet Jr, who would be no loss to anybody.

The young hopeful for a future champion, Sebastian Vettel and his Australian team-mate Mark Webber would also find themselves out of a drive.  It would be the most shame for Vettel who is really starting to build up a head of steam.

From Toyota we would lose Jarno Trulli who has made some significant progress this year.

And who looks to be replacing them?  Well the good the bad and the ugly frankly.  Maybe we should get them to do a few handbrake turns for Simon Cowell and judge them that way.

We have, in order:

USGPE (The good)

Prodrive AKA Aston Martin (Who may surprise us)

Lola (Who don’t seem to have learned from their dismal display in the 90s)

Formtech (and now the bad…)

iSport (do you, sport?)

Epsilon Uskardi (is that an anagram of something?)


Wirth Research (Will it be Wirth you while though?)

All that’s missing is Del Trotter’s three wheel van.

Don’t get me wrong I would like to see new teams compete but not quite at F1 level.  It is not amateur night, and it is downright dangerous.

We need to remember that Bernie is a Garagista at heart, he hails from a time when a new team would turn up with their paper work written on the back of a fag packet, roll the car out and then go for a smoke behind the petrol tanks.  Evidently he has, of late, been going through the old photo albums and wondered how can he get those days back?

This is how, he invents a new system that will be unpalatable to the established teams.  Commercial suicide of course, but that may be how he wants to play it.

Who really knows what is going on in that wily little mind of his?



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May 22, 2009 at 7:12 am

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