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Madaleine McCann: New leads and suspects

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Raymond Hewlett

Raymond Hewlett

Sky News claim to have e a new suspect in the Madaleine McCann case.  According to their sources Raymond Hewlett, was living in the border town of Taveria when the attack took place.

Mr Hewlett, 64, is a former soldier and is wanted by the police both in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, for a string of sex attacks on young girls.  At the time he was living on a caravan site with his wife and family.

However there is nothing concrete yet to tie him into the investigation and he is just one of many lines of enquiry.

Goncalo Amarel

Goncalo Amarel

Madaleine McCann’s case recently returned to the spotlight when it was revealed that the former investigating officer, Goncalo Amaral, released a book called ‘The Truth of the Lie’.  In it he insists that Madaleine is dead and that the parents are responsible for at least concealing the body.

Goncalo's book, now available in Portugal

Goncalo's book, now available in Portugal

In hindsight there could not have been a worse police officer in the country to investigate Madaleine’s disappearance.  Goncalo Amaral seems to style himself as a ‘Gene Hunt’ character, with accusations for heavy handed tactics, falsifying evidence and documents.  Months before Madeleine’s disappearance he was involved in another missing child case.  Joana Cipriano’s body was never found, even though confessions were later forced from her mother and her uncle who confessed to the murder after, apparently, having an incestuous affair.

He later criticised the British police and  the press of both Portugal and the UK  Most of all he criticised  Kate and Gerry McCann who he still seems to see as the prime suspects.

Gerry and Kate McCann

Gerry and Kate McCann

He was removed from the case and later retired under a cloud.

It is hard to draw a bigger contrast to the response to the Soham murders.  When Holly and Jessica disappeared the police shut down the town, mobilised forces countrywide and made the best use of the media.  And they had no more of a head start on the day than the Portuguese police.

So the latest developments will take time to digest and in the meantime all the parents can do is wait and hope.


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May 22, 2009 at 6:56 am

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