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The Monte Carlo Grand Prix

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Jenson wins again

Jenson wins again

Jenson won his fifth grand prix of the season in Monte Carlo yesterday, and now has a 16 point lead over his nearest rival. As is common in Monaco the race was really won on the saturday in Qualifying.  All you have to do on the sunday is not screw up.

Due to the narrow streets, endless twists and turns and constant gear changes very few cars pass each other.

The Monaco grand prix has been run every year since 1929 and is the most dangerous street circuit on the calander.  Think about it, it is the only race where a long tunnel would be allowed,  the only race where you are mere feet away from the sea, and feet away from million pound yachts.  Monaco is the only place you could get away with something like that.  It is a refreshing change from the Health and Safety brigade that blight our land.

Lewis Hamilton was said to be satisfied with his result even though he didn’t come within spitting distance of a point.  It seems he has to write this season off to experience.  Even if McLaren provided him with his dream car he would have a heck of a time catching Jenson.  But the season has a long way to go yet.

Off the track it has been a tense weekend with the FIA war with the Formula 1 Teams Association still in full swing.  The teams have asked for an extention on the deadline for teams to register for the 2010 season. They would be happy to register up to 2012 and sign a re-drafted Concorde agreement if, and only if, the FIA drop the budget caps for 2010.  Never has off-track politics been this dramatic.

Then, early this morning, it was announced that the Williams team had broken ranks and applied to race in 2010.  From what I have read in Autosport it sounds very much like Bernie Ecclestone got to them.  I will give you a little quote from an interview by Jonathan Noble:

“Williams has – and always mantained – a contract with Formula 1 Management (That would be Bernie) and the FIA to participate in Formula 1 from 2008 t0 2010.  We have been paid in full for our participation and and feel morally and legally obliged to continue to perform as we have done for the last 30 years.”

You have got to hand it to Bernie, he knows how to go after them.  Go for the weak link first and strike at their weakest point, their wallet.  Once their line is broken you have got them.

Monte Carlo Glock

 1.  Button        Brawn GP-Mercedes     
 2.  Barrichello   Brawn GP-Mercedes     
 3.  Raikkonen     Ferrari               
 4.  Massa         Ferrari               
 5.  Webber        Red Bull-Renault      
 6.  Rosberg       Williams-Toyota       
 7.  Alonso        Renault               
 8.  Bourdais      Toro Rosso-Ferrari    
 9.  Fisichella    Force India-Mercedes  
10.  Glock         Toyota                
11.  Heidfeld      BMW Sauber            
12.  Hamilton      McLaren-Mercedes      
13.  Trulli        Toyota                
14.  Sutil         Force India-Mercedes  
15.  Nakajima      Williams-Toyota


Written by Nick Gilmartin

May 25, 2009 at 6:58 pm

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