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Meet the F1 New Blood

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Well now the dust has settled it looks as though we are in for an exciting season in 2010.  Three new teams will be added to the paddock, and all the current teams have agreed to stay.

So I am proud to introduce the three new teams:

If James Bond did F1 Prodrive is the team he would pick

If James Bond did F1 Prodrive is the team he would pick

Banbury based Prodrive have a long tradition in Motorsport, starting out as Aston Martin racing.  They have a very varied CV, they have participated in world Rallies, the Le Mans race.  It looks to me like they will be building the whole car themselves, engine too.  This will make a pleasant change from the current brace of teams that buy their engines from manufacturers.


The second team is as all American as Grandma’s apple pie.  USGPE started out as USF1, and inspite of Bernie’s protests, the name seems to have stuck.  It does have more of a ring to it.  Little is known about them at the minute, they are based in Charlotte, North Carolina, NASCAR country.  They may have the roughest ride of all, being from a continent where Motorsport is a passion, but with no European influence.  the machinations of the FIA take time to figure out.


The third team is Lola F1.  This Huntingdon based team had a go at F1 in the mid-nineties, with scant success.  Why they are back is a mystery, especially as they supply the whole of A1GP with chassis.  They hardly need the business, and their intentions are far from clear, except of course to win races.  They come from an excellent pedigree, having won the CART world series five times and the Indy 500 three times.

Who will drive for these teams?  It is far too early to say.

So now everybody at FIA and FOTA are friends again (albeit Williams were expelled), the 2010 season is looking rosy.


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May 30, 2009 at 10:29 am

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