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North Korea Part 4: The Intercontinental Missiles

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Taepodong 2

Taepodong 2

There is one section of the army that puts the lie into the claim that North Korea ‘Only seeks to defend itself’. And that section is the shadowy Artillery Guidance Bureau, also knows as the Missile Guidance Bureau.

This is an independent section of the Defense Forces who have a special place in the heart of the ‘Glorious Leader’. They were founded, drawn from the artillery units, during the mid sixties. They started out with the basic model Soviet and Chinese Rockets, basically overgrow firecrackers. From there they progressed to the SCUD-B solid fuel rockets of the Gulf Wars fame. These were still quite short range and hopelessly inaccurate. They did however have Nuclear, Chemical or Biological ability (NCB).

A map illustrating the location of the launch base

A map illustrating the location of the launch base

New concrete silos were built up on the east coast, in the town of Musudan-ri. This puts even the one-stage (or one piece) missiles within range of Japan and any location in South Korea.

Taepodong 1

Taepodong 1

Taepodong-1 was developed from the inaccurate SCUD-B, but it’s big brother Taepodong-2 was capable of making bigger waves. Basically it was a variant on the Saturn V launcher that took America to the moon. Now this bad boy is capable of making a strike as far away as the American coast, from Alaska to California. How accurate this missile could be is highly debatable. But if it does strike it could do with either a Biological or Chemical warhead.

Although North Korea does possess nuclear bombs it does not possess a nuclear warhead to tip the rocket at this time.

In April this year North Korea contacted the International Civil Aviation Authority to tell them they intended to launch a satellite, names Kwangmyongsong-2 into orbit. Defense analysts immediately pricked up their ears and manned their radar screens. But the launch was a failure. The first stage blew itself off, then the second stage failed to detach when it ran out of fuel, consequently the whole rocket fell into the Pacific ocean. North Korean media maintained that the launch was a success, and that the satellite was transmitting a signal from orbit.

The Intercontinental Missiles are exactly the same kind of Weapons of Mass Destruction that George W Bush led us into a war for. Nobody wants to go through another war again. But the only way to prove he has capable warheads would be to let him use them, not the ideal scenario. Most likely a strike would be on South Korea or Japan.

So what will happen now? Only time will tell.


Written by Nick Gilmartin

June 2, 2009 at 8:09 pm

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