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The Storm Breaks Over Westminister

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The strain shows on the beleagured Prime Minister

The strain shows on the beleagured Prime Minister

The disarray in the British Government seems to be reaching it’s zenith after weeks of mounting tension.  Last night’s election results may have spelled the end of Gordon Brown’s Labour Government.

For the first time they came third behind the Conservatives and the United Kingdom Independence Party.  But that isn’t the big story, it is  that the British National Party won their first two seats in the European Parliament.

All this echoes the later days of Germany’s Weimer Republic in the early thirties when the loans were called in and the country was plunged into destitution.  This always proves a fertile spawning pond of nationalism and racism and the casting about for suitable parties to blame.

In their anger and desperation the people of my home county have chosen the most base of political organisations.  But like other right wing parties of former years, they have adapted their rhetoric to survive.  They may appeal to people’s base fears and hatred, but don’t underestimate how smart they are, particularly Nick Griffin.

Basically they are a whites-only everybody out party.  But in recent years they adapted and lost a lot of the old guard of the late 70s skinhead thugs. They are not dangerous because they lie, they are dangerous because they know how to mix the lies with the truth.  They know the problems of the country and what buttons to push.  At the minute the lies have stopped simply because the truth has become more shocking.  But can we trust them?  Well a bunch of hate-filled autocrats is always a dangerous proposal for political representation.  If you give them enough rope they may hang themselves.  Or they may tie us in knots.

They dramatically opposed the rights of Gurkhas to settle in the UK.  They denounced Beharry Johnson VC as ‘routinely brave’.  If that kind of bravery is routine we would never lose a fight.  I would let a hundred lions like Johnson into this country before a jackal like Griffin.  We need more people like that and less like these bigots.

The rise of militant Islam poses a clear danger to Britain but it needs to be countered by strong, capable, and cleverly managed Government, not ignorant violent thugs.

But back to Labour.  Gordon himself seems to be flailing around like a cornered animal as he hunts for anybody who chose to resist or desert.  He will be gone in a month or two, no ifs, no buts.  If he doesn’t go, Cameron will get in.  I don’t have a big problem with Cameron himself, just the people behind him.  I have first hand experience of these people, I served many of them.  A bunch of autocratic, haughty, grasping, self-serving excuses for civil servants.

The ideal solution would be a coalition Government, bringing in the best of both sides.  A cabinet from all parties doesn’t leave room for those who do not serve the people.  We also need to take a lead out of Churchill’s book and bring in heads of industry from home and abroad.  Alan Sugar, if it goes ahead would be a good start.  I would be hugely pleased to see Richard Branson or Bernie Eccleston wearing a rosette.  But both know there is little chance of real success in the public sector.

I think over time this storm will peter out and when the smoke clears we will see what kind of a country we have left.  Then we can get back to the serious business of rebuilding it.


Written by Nick Gilmartin

June 8, 2009 at 5:08 pm

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