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Well every now and again a website comes along and makes you think – damn why didn’t I think of that? is that kind of website.

The brainchild of Sheridan Passell, the website has drawn together a wealth of understated tinsel town talent, all of whom are known just by their first names.

It has a refreshingly honest and forthright view of movies, with the 2AM reviewers giving their reviews in the foyer of the cinema or often in the street outside.  At 2AM.

They bring together reviews, previews, a lot of fun stuff and a very lively forum.  They must have spies in a lot of camps for the sheer amount of stuff they know.  Furthermore they actively promote the movies they like, and are happy to recommend them.

And boy, do they like their lists.  The top ten Star Wars quotes, cool facts about Gremlins, sweatiest film stars, to name but three.  But they are well researched and knowledgeable.

So if you like movies and want the latest pictures, meet your new best friend.

With all the enthusiasm of an emaciated mouse I went straight to the big cheese, boss Sheridan Passell.

Sheridan Passell

Sheridan Passell

You seem to have assembled the ‘dream team’ of film buffs, how did you all get together?

We’ve been around for a couple of years and people have got in contact gradually over that time. We also put an ‘appeal’ video of sorts on YouTube and it got a good response.

Why are there so many remakes, reboots and sequels these days?

Well the fact is there are many more movies getting released these days than there ever used to be. It was once three or four a week, now it seems to be seven or eight. There are plenty of original films out there, but the fact is that audiences don’t go and see them. That applies to the big budget films too. Did you go and see Stealth or The Island in 2005? They were original studio pictures but they flopped. The Island really wasn’t too bad either, a damn site better than Bad Boys 2. Audiences get more of what they ask for. The other reason for remakes/reboots/sequels is that movies are an investment and anything you can do to reduce the risk on your investment, you’re going to do it, that means looking for a project with a built in audience, that’s what familiar titles have.
Who is 2009’s hot new director in your opinion?

I don’t see anyone outstanding right now. I suppose keep an eye on Duncan Jones, director of Moon, he could do great things.

Which film was your favourite as a kid?  Would a remake ruin the memory?

I don’t go with the majority opinion that remakes are terrible things, I’m fine with them, the only thing that upsets me is when potential is wasted. I was excited to see how they would update John Carpenter’s The Fog, for example, but it turned out those involved weren’t competent enough to set up a lemonade stand. Again, with Halloween, I was really curious to see that remade, but the result was unbearable as a film, let alone a remake. Remakes don’t ruin the originals, they’re still there on the shelf just as they always were. …unless it’s the original Star Wars trilogy.
Can we look forward to a summer of fantastic movies?

Well we’re half way through and it’s slim pickings. Fantastic movies, we’ve had about 1 4/5. That’s ‘Up’, and most of ‘Star Trek’. ‘Bruno’ should be good value even though there’s absolutely nothing cinematic about it, ‘Potter’ should be pretty close to the previous chapter , ‘Inglourious Basterds’ will divide audiences and ‘GI Joe’ is ready to take up the role of summer abomination.

So go join their forum at: (check this out too)

Nick Gilmartin

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Written by Nick Gilmartin

July 4, 2009 at 2:57 pm

3 Responses

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  1. Hey Nick, thanks for the awesome write-up. Writing for MM for the past year has been a total blast, I’m so glad you like it!



    July 4, 2009 at 6:23 pm

  2. Cheers for the kind words. 😉

    Dom Duncombe

    July 5, 2009 at 2:48 pm

  3. You seem like a good bloke, so here’s a secret: Sheridan once got drunk and lairy at a Tory press conference and was tackled to the floor by John Major himself.

    Keep enjoying the site, it’s nice write-ups like this and enraged Twilight fans that make it all worthwhile.


    July 5, 2009 at 10:43 pm

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