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Morning George

Morning George

Now this is a place I want to go.  Forget your bubbly spas and high rise glass minimalist hotels.

Take the kids to the world’s first Giraffe hotel, in Kenya.  They will love it.

The project is the idea of Tanya and Mike Carr-Hadley who are both natives of Kenya.  When a property came up for sale they decided to convert it into a hotel.  It stands in the grounds of a nature reserve which is home to eight rare Rothschild Giraffes.  Arn’t they beautiful?

The owners families have been involved in Giraffe protection for many generations and they wanted to create a space where people can see these lovely beasts up close, and you know, share croissants.  The Giraffes are very used to people by now and often saunter over just to say hello.  The best place to view then is from your bedroom window, face to face.

So I am totally sold on the place, when can I book?

Check out their site here:


Written by Nick Gilmartin

July 23, 2009 at 4:13 pm

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