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They are, but thats not what this is about.

Singer songwriter David Carroll had a fairly awful in flight experience involving the destruction of his beloved Taylor guitar.  Along with his band, the rather good Sons of Maxwell, he took a flight from Chicago to Nebraska.  When he took his seat he looked down at the tarmac, and to his horror the baggage handlers were throwing guitars back and forth with little concern for the contents.  These things retail at around $3500 each so you can imagine his horror.  If the said sorry, here is $3500 for another, the matter would have ended there and then.  But instead they told him to go screw himself.  Dave was amazed and took it to a higher authority.  No deal, there either.

So how could the disgruntled passenger get sweet revenge?  He wrote a rather good song about it.

Here have a listen:

Within days the song was viewed 3.6 million times!  Even more amazing, it wiped a large percentage off the shares of United Airlines literally overnight.  That, boys and girls, is the power of the internet.  Do not screw with a man with a grudge and a PC.

Suddenly the airline bigwigs cracked and they paid up for a new guitar.  But these are the things Joe Public has to do to get taken seriously these days.

To hear the rest of the Sons of Maxwell’s more tranquil songs check out their website at


Written by Nick Gilmartin

July 23, 2009 at 3:50 pm

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