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Google Wave

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The Google Wave logo

The Google Wave logo

Right pay attention class.  I am going to do an impression of my long lost IT teacher here.  I need to tell you all about something new that will be revolutionising the way we use the internet.  Luckily Bill Gates has nothing to do with it this time, he is slowly getting edged out of the picture.

Google wave is the new web application that will weld together a lot of the seperate applications we currently use.  It will be available from 30 September 2009.

So I will hand you over to the Geeks now who will explain everything:

Did you get all that?  It made me feel like a seventh grader the first time I saw it.  After the third time it all started to sink in.

Ever since MSN became the networking tool of choice, I wondered where the internet will take us next.  As far as Networking goes, Myspace became the next big thing that everybody had.  It was good but it’s design left a lot of dead ends.  It gave you a single web page that you could paint and decorate to your hearts content and play whatever music you liked.  It was essentially your internet bedroom.

Facebook came next and stole Myspace’s thunder in a big way.  While it had few of the design features it was truer to it’s networking tool purpose.  It introduced people to folks they had not spoken too in decades.  It was a true social revolution.

Twitter came next, it was a constant stream of rolling short messages.  It was a glimpse of people’s lives, second by second.  It earned a unique place in history by being credited as directly assisting a revolution.  Beat that eh?

Now we have the wave technology, and I am very interested in where it will take us.  Instead of sending a message and its entire thread of previous messages or requiring all responses to be stored in each user’s inbox for context, objects known as “waves” contain a complete thread of multimedia messages (blips) and are located on a central server. Waves are shared and collaborators can be added or removed at any point during a wave’s existence.

With me so far?

And if all that hasn’t fried your noodles we also have Google Wave Federation Protocol, which will be open for all to use.  This is based on XMPP and it is computer language for us to learn.  But although we groan, we do pick it up pretty quick.

So if all this is making sense we have a brave new world to look forward to, and if we are prepared then we should be ready to catch this perfect wave.

Who’s coming surfing?


Written by Nick Gilmartin

July 24, 2009 at 8:23 pm

Posted in The one to watch

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