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American Public Healthcare, is it more than a dream?

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Is American Healthcare strangled by it's pharmacutical industry?

Is American Healthcare strangled by it's Pharmaceutical industry?

Even as the Messerschmidts rained destruction down on England, Clement Attlee was preparing his post-war reforms.  In order to reconstruct post-war Britain he proposed a series of far-reaching changes.  The jewel of his manifesto for a postwar election was the creation of the National Health Service.  When his party duly won the 1945 election Mr Attlee set his plans into motion.

The idea was that  Britain could work towards full employment and spend huge sums of money during the wartime effort.  Then, in a time of peace the bonds of social solidarity fostered as the ‘blitz spirit’ and financial resources could be redirected towards fostering public goods.

And they managed all this while Britain was virtually bankrupt and devastated by years of bombing.  I would like to remind the nay-sayers of this fact in the Pharmaceutical industry.

The NHS has three core principles.  These are:

That it shall meet the needs of everyone

That is shall be free at the point of delivery

That it is based on the patient’s clinical need, not their ability to pay.

The NHS is paid for out of public money from taxation and national insurance contributions.  Extra things like eye tests and dental check-ups are paid for by the individual, and they are affordable.

The advent of an all American Healthcare system will be a good thing for everybody.  Even the pharmaceutical bodies that scream they will go bankrupt will find a way to make it work.  And it will work, it will keep people alive for longer.

Hillary Clinton did her best to produce a national Healthcare bill but it ultimately came to nothing,  The sway of the private healthcare lobby was too powerful, even for her.  I suspect she may have had a hand in convincing Obama to make it one of the prime objectives of his first term..

For further reading please check out this book:

Healthcare 2


Written by Nick Gilmartin

July 25, 2009 at 6:27 pm

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