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Stormy Daniels’ Election Hopes End in Domestic Violence Arrest

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Can I get some make-up here please?

Can I get some make-up here please?

It seems the Senatorial career of Stormy Daniels may have hit a huge snag.

She was arrested on saturday night on a charge of battering her husband over unpaid bills and laundry.  All this sounds strangely misogynous, you would half expect it to be the husband battering the wife.  But apparently it happened.

Ms Daniels, real name Stephanie Clifford, apparently went wild after discovering her husband, Michael Mosny, had discoloured her clothes.  The argument took a turn for the violent when she then discovered an unpaid bill for an undisclosed amount.  We guess it was pretty big!

The report stated that she ‘threw a potted plant at the sink, hit Mr Mosny several times, overturned a coffee table and broke a wedding album’.

Jesus, the poor schmuck.  Cases of marital violence against men are not rare, but most go unreported due to mankind’s sense of pride.  Even my 6’4″ black belt best friend used to get beaten by his girlfriend, and abused both mentally and physically.

In an unrelated incident, Stormy Daniels’ political advisor had his car blown up in New Orleans.  His friends said:

“It was like something out of the Sopranos, very weird.”

It it not yet known if he had any powerful rivals, and it seems unlikely that someone would bomb him because of his connection to Stormy.  Having said that, he had better make sure he doesn’t make her mad, right?


Written by Nick Gilmartin

July 30, 2009 at 4:03 pm

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