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Formula 1: Piquet Sacked, New Concorde Agreement Signed

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Nelson Piquet Jr

Now we are officially in the mid season break our attention turns to the off season intregue that often dominates the Formula 1 world.

Firstly it was announced today that the Renault driver, Nelson Piquet Junior, had been sacked by Renault.  This can hardly have come as a surprise, Nelson’s career in Formula 1 has hardly been covered in glory.  In the 2008 season he gained a mere 19 points.  In the current season he had produced nil pois.  Nada, nothing, nowt, sweet F.A.

Nelson is naturally bitterly dissappointed and released a statement to that fact:

I have received notice from the Renault F1 team of its intention to stop me from driving for them in the current F1 season. I want to say thanks to the small group who supported me and that I worked together at Renault F1, although it is obviously with great disappointment that I receive such news.

The path to F1 was always going to be tricky, and my father and I therefore signed a management contract with Flavio Briatore, who we believed was an excellent option with all the necessary contacts and management skills.

I spent one year as a test driver, where I only did a handful of tests, and the next year started as a race driver with Renault. After the opening part of the season, some strange situations began to happen. As a beginner in F1, I could only expect from my team a lot of support and preparation to help me in getting up to the task. Instead, I was relegated as “someone who drives the other car” with no attention at all.

There is no doubt in my mind that F1 is a dog-eat-dog world of the highest order.  The team owners club is better known as the Piranha tank.  There is no room for underachievers, show-boaters or the politically naive.  It is not a team sport like Football or Rugby.  The guy in the same colour as you isn’t your friend, he is likely going to be your biggest rival.  Look no further than Senna and Prost, or Hamilton and Alonso in 2007.

Meanwhile also in F1 it has been confirmed that a new Concorde Agreement has been signed, the details of which are yet to be released.  It is rumoured to concede most of the teams demands, the main one being the removal of Max Mosley as FIA President  at the end of his term in office.  It will run until 31 December 2012.


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August 3, 2009 at 4:48 pm

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