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Ronnie Biggs will die a free man

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Ronnie Biggs

It has been revealed in the last few minutes that the former Train Robber, Ronnie Biggs has been released from prison on health grounds.

It seems unlikely that he will survive the pnumonia that has blighted his health, and he is currently being treated in Norwich hospital.  Should he survive this bout of illness he will be transferred to a nursing home in London.

The order for release came directly from the home Secretary, Jack Straw, against the recommendations of the parole board.  But Mr Straw knows he would face a public backlash if this weakened old man died in prison.

Mr Bigg’s release is seen as a victory for common sense by many in the tabloid press, and I agree.  Although he remained, allegedly, unrepentent, he has never been violent, even in his adventures, or posed a risk to anybody.

Ronnie Biggs and over a dozen robbers held up a train in Buckinghamshire in 1963, seizing three million pounds sterling.  He was quickly seized by the police and sent to prison, where he was held until 1965.  His dramatic escape from Wandsworth Prison that year was the start of a series of world wide adventures that took his to France, Australia, Brazil, the Carribean and finally home to England.

He returned  in 2001 in a storm of tabloid flashbulbs, and was promptly returned to prison.

Michael Biggs, Ronnie’s Brazilian born son, is said to be absolutely delighted.


Written by Nick Gilmartin

August 6, 2009 at 5:22 pm

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