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Stop Press! Schumacher Cancels Formula 1 comeback

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Michael Schumacher will not return to F1

Michael Schumacher will not return to F1

Michael Schumacher’s much anticipated return to Formula 1 was sensationally cancelled today when he released the following statement:

“Yesterday evening, I had to inform Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo and Team Principal Stefano Domenicali that unfortunately I’m not able to step in for Felipe. I really tried everything to make that temporary comeback possible, however, much to my regret it didn’t work out. Unfortunately we did not manage to get a grip on the pain in the neck which occurred after the private F1-day in Mugello, even if medically or therapeutically we tried everything possible.

The consequences of the injuries caused by the bike-accident in February, fractures in the area of head and neck, unfortunately have turned out to be still too severe. That is why my neck cannot stand the extreme stresses caused by Formula 1 yet. This are the clear results of the examinations we did on the course of the past two weeks and the final examination yesterday afternoon. As there were no improvements after the day in Mugello, I decided at short notice on Sunday to do that thorough examination already yesterday.

I am disappointed to the core. I am awfully sorry for the guys of Ferrari and for all the fans which crossed fingers for me. I can only repeat that I tried everything that was within my power. All I can do now is to keep my fingers crossed for the whole team for the coming races.”

So with Michael out of the frame that leaves only the two test drivers at Ferrari Luca Baoder and Mark Gene to fill the places.  An outside possibility is Fernando Alonso who’s team is banned from racing for one round.  Alonso is due to drive for Ferrari in 2010.


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August 11, 2009 at 7:34 am

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