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The Silver Arrows Tip the Spear

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Valencia grid

What ever McLaren have suddenly started to do, they are clearly doing it right.  In Valencia, not only Lewis Hamilton, but also Heikki Kovelienen will be on the front row of the grid.

The second row consisted of Rubens Barrachello and Sebastian Vettel.  The current leading contender for the championship, Jenson Button, could only manage a mere fifth.

As for the rookies, well Luca Baoder had a nightmare with his Ferrari (probably the fastest thing he ever drove), and qualified last.  Grosjean of Renault starts from fourteenth.

Elsewhere from the track Williams are looking to ditch Toyota as an engine supplier as soon as possible.  Did it never occur to them never to buy engines off an opposing team?  They are hardly likely to give you the best engines are they?

With BMW now looking to exit at the end of the season we have a new opening for a F1 team.  Could it be Prodrive?  Banbury’s finest exponent of undulating horsepower looks a likely contender.  All they have to do is get the nod from Bernie Ecclestone.

The temperatures continued to soar in Spain as the teams battled for position.

 1.  Hamilton     McLaren-Mercedes      (B)  1:38.649  1:38.182  1:39.498
 2.  Kovalainen   McLaren-Mercedes      (B)  1:38.816  1:38.230  1:39.532
 3.  Barrichello  Brawn-Mercedes        (B)  1:39.019  1:38.076  1:39.563
 4.  Vettel       Red Bull-Renault      (B)  1:39.295  1:38.273  1:39.789
 5.  Button       Brawn-Mercedes        (B)  1:38.531  1:38.601  1:39.821
 6.  Raikkonen    Ferrari               (B)  1:38.843  1:38.782  1:40.144
 7.  Rosberg      Williams-Toyota       (B)  1:39.039  1:38.346  1:40.185
 8.  Alonso       Renault               (B)  1:39.155  1:38.717  1:40.236
 9.  Webber       Red Bull-Renault      (B)  1:38.983  1:38.625  1:40.239
10.  Kubica       BMW-Sauber            (B)  1:38.806  1:38.747  1:40.512
11.  Heidfeld     BMW-Sauber            (B)  1:39.032  1:38.826
12.  Sutil        Force India-Mercedes  (B)  1:39.145  1:38.846
13.  Glock        Toyota                (B)  1:39.459  1:38.991
14.  Grosjean     Renault               (B)  1:39.322  1:39.040
15.  Buemi        Toro Rosso-Ferrari    (B)  1:38.912  1:39.514
16.  Fisichella   Force India-Mercedes  (B)  1:39.531
17.  Nakajima     Williams-Toyota       (B)  1:39.795
18.  Trulli       Toyota                (B)  1:39.807
19.  Alguersuari  Toro Rosso-Ferrari    (B)  1:39.925
20.  Badoer       Ferrari               (B)  1:41.413

Written by Nick Gilmartin

August 22, 2009 at 10:34 pm

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