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Hide the Gerbil! V is coming back to our screens

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Does the elders among us remember V?  That mid-eighties TV series that scared the bejeysus out of us when we were kids?  The one where the aliens gorged themselves on small rodents and hamsters?

Well it is set to return to our screens next year.  Quick, cover the Gerbil’s cage.

So here is a quick teaser for you all:

The big question is will this re-imagined version live up to the standards set in recent years by Battlestar Galactica?  Let us hope so.  Some of the original stars have expressed an interest in appearing, since it didn’t exactly launch their careers to dizzy heights.  The only two of the original cast who had any success were Robert Englund and Marc Singer.  The former being, of course, the horror icon, Freddy Kruger.  Marc Singer was the Beastmaster in a decent sword and sandals film.  SInce then he has done very little and he is getting on a bit.

So we cannot wait to see it when it returns, next year.


Written by Nick Gilmartin

September 2, 2009 at 6:46 pm

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