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District 9

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District 9

I totally recommend, for your weekend viewing,  the film District 9.  Currently showing at a cinema near you, check out

It is the story of mankind’s clash with aliens in South Africa in the near future.  After a race of aliens land they try to co-exist with mankind but the relationship soon deteriorates.  Unusually for sci-fi, mankind mantains the upper hand and forces them into an aliens-only ghetto called district 9.  Aliens are also subject to many degrading new rules.  They are referred to as ‘prawns’ because of their resemblence.

In case you havn’t guessed, it is really about apartheid, and what it is like to be subject to those conditions.  But that is just the back story.  In the foreground we follow a supervisor of some kind of security service as he evicts aliens from district 9.  Somehow he gets bitten by something and his body slowly starts to transmute into an alien form.  He escapes from a laboratory and finds himself in an uneasy allience with the aliens.

Can he help them escape their predicament?  Can he get his body to revert to human?  Go find out.


Written by Nick Gilmartin

September 4, 2009 at 4:20 pm

Posted in Film and Cinema

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