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Chrys Columbine Wows Britain and now Ireland

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The mesmerising Chrys Columbine

The mesmerizing Chrys Columbine

Well ladies and gents, in my on-going search to bring you the best of the female of the species, allow me to present the reigning empress of Burlesque, Chrys Columbine.  She is celebrated mostly for her ‘Birth of Venus’ routine, that has won praise from such figures as Dita von Tease herself.  Not only has she been wowing the crowds of London town but she has also taken Dublin by storm, pulling the crowds in, night after night, at Leeson Street’s Sugar Club.

Not only that but she met with Ireland’s own interviewing legends, the batchelors of Ballydung, Podge and Rodge.

Roll VT Bob:

So we grabbed  a dirty martini and sat down for a chat with this charismatic individual.

What were those two flirty feckers like during the interval?  Did they try and pull you into their dressing room for a ride?

Not at all. They were actually quite calm and well-mannered, almost a little serious – guess they’ve done it so many times before.

Did you like Dublin?  It is great for shopping and drinking

Definitely, I like the way there are so many cool shops and bars located within decent walking distances of each other. And there are several fantastic venues like Lillies and Odessa Club that I would never have known about if it hadn’t been for friends of mine dragging me in!

How did you find the Irish crowd, were they friendly or shy compared to the Brits?
They were incredibly friendly, really sweet and very full of energy – but not too raucous or sleezy at all. I find the Irish have a lot more of a positive outlook on life – they ain’t wingeing bastards like we Brits are 😉 I like the Irish a lot!

Chrys and friend

Where did you stay?

I’ve stayed in various really nice hotels when I’ve performed at Dublin Burlesque Balls, one was The Park Inn Hotel which was fab – very minimalist (whihc I do love),  but had quite a lot of weird art around, of scary faces, another was gorgeous in a completely different way, very period, and apparently quite well-known but i can’t for the life of me remember what it’s called (and can’t find it in my emails). During Podge and Rodge I stayed at The Dylan – again fantastic hotel so I do feel pretty spoiled with regard to places Irish gigs have put me up in.
What are you planning on doing next?
I would like to carry on performing all over the world and delighting audiences. I have in the pipeline, some beautiful new concepts and routines with spectacular props which I hope to get out there, this year and the next. I would also like to help bring burlesque even more into the mainstream. What I mean is that  it’d be great to see more on TV, for instance having it as the closing entertainment for Friday Night with Jonathan Ross, or as an interlude on This Morning, or something. I have thoroughly enjoyed the TV stuff I’ve done and definitely aim to do more. Well, if it worked for Podge and Rodge, can’t it work elsewehere on the screen?

Ms Columbine has been very successful in her career, grabbing the attention of everybody from French Playboy to the Mail on Sunday to, er, me.  The world is the oyster shell for this icon of raunchy entertainment.

Chrys, Mail on Sunday

Photo credits go to these lovely individuals:


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September 5, 2009 at 7:40 pm

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