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Keith Floyd goes off the air for good

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keith floyd

Well folks I am afraid it is obituary time again.

For starters we have the celebrity chef and renowned soak, Keith Floyd.  It was this man that we have to thank for making cooking while drinking acceptable TV viewing.

After leaving school he worked as a junior reporter on the Bristol Evening Post, before taking a career in the Army.  He left as an officer after a few years with no real direction.  In the end he followed a path into hospitality.

In just a few years his talents led him to own his own restaurant, and then a chain of them.  From there he entered Television at a time when celebrity chefs were far from cool or unconventional.

His method was a lot less starchy than his contemparies, he often seemed to make it up as he went along while drinking copious amounts of wine along the way.  It was this devil-may-care attitude that made him popular, yet it was also his undoing.

Keith fought alcoholism in the way we would fight the attentions of an amorous page 3 girl.

He lived the life he wished for when he moved to the South of France and lived among the farms and the chataeus.  However personal happiness eluded him and he was divorced four times.

To his friends he was generous to a fault and once personally guarenteed £30,000 worth of drink for a party.  It was this flamboyance that led him to be declared bankrupt in 1996.

But his health and finances never fully recovered.  He collapsed in a pub in Staffordshire in 2008.  He finally died of a heart attack yesterday.  To the public and wine-merchants all over the world he is a character that will be missed.

So I will leave you with a bit of footage of what Keith does best.


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September 15, 2009 at 9:26 am

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