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This shot pretty much summed up my week

This shot pretty much summed up my week

Hi Boys and Girls,

Sorry I have been away a while.  I was actually in Dublin for a few days researching my new book.  Nah, that’s a lie, it was the plan anyway.  In fact all we did was chill out, spend time with friends, eat good food and drink a hell of a lot of Guinness.  It is good stuff, very nice, and I totally recommend it.

We also saw Dave McSavage performing his stuff live on the streets of Dublin.  Have a look here:

When we came back we had a few days with our respective families too, and caught up with loads of people we had not seen in ages.  Good times had by all.

So what now?  Well I have decided that my blog has been concentrated on the dull, serious stuff for way too long.  I missed the last Grand Prix too (unforgivable) because I was elsewhere and it is a bit pointless adding it now.

But coming up next we have an interview with Comedian and Model Jessica Delfino, fresh from her ordeal of touring Britain.

We also meet Scream Queen Ryli Morgan who will be lifting the lid on what goes on behind the scenes of a horror film.  And after that, who knows?  But I promise I will leave the serious journalism stuff behind now for the rest of the year, nobody read it anyway.

Take care people,



Written by Nick Gilmartin

October 2, 2009 at 1:09 pm

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