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Meet Ryli Morgan – the new Queen of Horror

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Ryli Vampire

The season of the witch is upon us at long last.  The demons stalk the earth and the dead will arise in search of human prey.

Here to save us all is Ryli Morgan, a kick-ass chick from North Carolina.  Along with her husband, Mark Baranowski she is one half of the power couple of Independent film.

Ryli Morgan 1

How did you get into the horror business?

My husband, Mark Baranowski ( had wanted to try his hand at screenwriting, and I gave him the idea of putting together a short film. I thought perhaps someone would be more likely to watch 5 minutes of a film than to actually sit and read a script — we filmed DESPAIR in the space of a weekend, and the rest followed in the natural progression of film.

Were the 1950s the golden years for the underrated horror movie?

I definitely think the 1950’s were when we, as a society, were able to put onto film our thoughts and fears from the time. From the beginning of film, people have made scary flicks, but the 50’s allowed us to go a bit wilder.

From whom do you take your inspiration?

Brinke Stevens is a big inspiration. She is the perfect example of a Scream Queen with a brain and actual talent to back up the looks.

Does being a horror movie star have any perks or downsides?

Perks: getting to meet, sometimes even become friends with, the actors who you grew up watching, your favorite characters.
Downsides: to take part in some of the bigger projects, it means time away from family, and when you have a young child, like we do, it can be difficult to find the balance between family and film.
Ryli Morgan 2

Halloween must be such fun in your house! Tell me what you get up to?

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday! I become a child again, and I really love any excuse to dress up as some horrid creature. We don’t decorate the house too much, honestly, but I usually find a party or costume contest to take part in.

How do you feel about the term Scream Queen?

Part of me loves it, and wants to at least come close to that status. The other part of me doesn’t like that term very much, because I know a few of these ladies and there is SO much more to them than their ability to jiggle in the right places and scream at the horrible monster that’s coming their way. I don’t want to say it’s demeaning, but it isn’t as all-encompassing a description as it should be, in order to properly describe these women.

Mark Baranowski’s new film, starring Ryli Morgan, Mr Dissolute,  is out on DVD November 2009 at

See more of Ryli at her very own website:

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Written by Nick Gilmartin

October 15, 2009 at 1:03 pm

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