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The Courtesans Await You

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The Courtisans title

The cover of the eagerly awaited EP

For those of you who have done nothing but sit in the house and complain about X Factor acts I have a well thought out subtle message… GET A LIFE!

Go out and see a proper band in a proper club with proper people, not people who added you on Twitter.

Currently touring the weird and wonderful emporiums of London town are a band unlike any you shall ever see, fronted by an international horror movie star no less.

Eileen Daly is more comfortable in front of a microphone than a crucifix these days but her dark and dangerous undertones are rarely far from the surface.

So here we have their new music video.  Roll VT, Bob:

The Courtesans are (in their words) a “Gypsy Glam, with dark tales in waltz-time with deadly swing beats”.  What they mean by that is known only to themselves but to unlock their secrets you will have to go and see them perform live.  I was curious about this mysterious band so I put a few questions to them..

I’ve never heard a band that sounds quite like you.  From where do you take your influence?

We describe ourselves as a gypsy glam rock and roll band with dark

tales in waltztime, deadly swingbeats, tangos and arabesque stomps-and

that’s only half the story.  Our influences are many and varied, but

tend to be the more theatrical type of band or performer such as Kate

Bush, The Sex Pistols, The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, The

Cramps, Simon Warner, Queen.  That said we are in no way a retro band, and

have no interest in copying the sound or style of other bands or

eras, and like to think we have an identifiable character, which, like

Marmite, you’ll either love or hate!

Describe your ideal crowd or following?

Young, old, loyal. international people who still think it’s worth

buying a cd or record and paying for a ticket to see their favourite


The Courtisans 2

How does Bob Marley like his doughnuts? Wi' Jammin'

Is the X Factor the work of Satan?

I think Satan has better taste.  More likely the work of Mammon.  This

show and its multi-headed offspring are pointless, depressing and

destructive.  On the other hand……..

Peckham Rolex,why the name?  Is it a reference to fakery?

The lyrics to Peckham Rolex were written by a very good friend Tom

Gallagher, and in fact refer to the electronic tag issued to felons on

probation the “Peckham Rolex”

Does Aurelio(your bass player) ever get mistaken for Russell Brand?

Although he does bear a passing resemblance, Aurelio is much better


So if this heady mix of the bizarre and the beautiful is your cup of char you can follow them via their myspace page here:

or their facebook group, here:

Eileen 1

Eyes that could pierce a bank vault and cheekbones that could slit a throat

More on Eileen Daly next year…


Written by Nick Gilmartin

October 27, 2009 at 12:59 am

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  1. No doubt, these babes are splendid however mine are comfortable with their bodies. Check out Cyndi Winegard

    Angeles Bendler

    January 31, 2010 at 1:26 pm

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