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Gifts for Women

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Now this is something we guys seem to do rather badly, for reasons that seem genetic rather than practical.  We are born to be bad gift givers, and we are just in denial about the whole thing.  So for the lady in your life, be it your mum, wife, girlfriend or sister, here are a few tips.

1.  Just ask her what she wants.  It’s that simple, then you know she will be happy with the purchase.

2. If you are buying underwear for your good lady make sure you write down the exact sizes on a piece of paper and take it with you.  And always keep the receipt, as you can guarantee she will take it back and change it.

So what do women like?  Well if you need me to tell you I think you had better get out and learn a little about your spouse.

Firstly perfume is always a safe bet.  If she has a favourite or an aspirational brand you know it will be a sure fire hit.  Just don’t, for heavens sake, try and go for anything cheap, it just won’t work.

Expanding on that there is always the gift packs of toiletries and lotions from the body shop.  Coconut smelling stuff always seems to be popular.  Most of their products are fair trade so if she is into all that you will be a hero.

If you feel the need to take the tricky step of buying underwear for the good lady then Christmas is a better time to buy than Valentines day.  At Christmas you have more money to spend and new lines are usually brought out then.  If you wait till Valentines day you will still be paying off Christmas and the department stores use it as a clearance sale.

If you can, shop as La Senza or a decent boutique.  If your pockets run as deep as mine, then Marks & Spencers are inexpensive and very attractive.

One word of advice:  avoid Ann Summers, it is full of tacky shit that hasn’t been updated since the nineties.  Unless you are getting something for the secret santa at work or you are trying to ditch said girlfriend, avoid, avoid, avoid.

Getting the lady alcohol isn’t a bad option, but again, don’t get anything cheap.  BHS do some nice gift packs that you can give as a stocking filler.

In view of the current weather maybe it would be a good idea to get her some gloves, a hat or a scarf.  Or even a new coat if you need ideas for a main present.

Finally if she has a sweet tooth look around W H Smiths, Thorntons, or Hotel Chocolat.  The last one is the one I recommend, they have some wonderful new lines and gift packs.

Next thing, wrapping and presentation count for everything, and they can make or break a Christmas morning.  If you need hints on how to gift wrap follow this video.

If not then don’t worry, just buy gift bags you can seal.  No worries.

Right guys and girls, get all that done and get down to the serious business of enjoying yourself!

Merry Christmas



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December 20, 2009 at 5:22 pm

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