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Chase Cocktail competition

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It isn’t often you catch me getting stuck into the cocktails in the middle of a Monday lunch time, but for a certain group of people I made an exception.

Chase Vodka has recently been voted the Best Vodka in the world and now it was hosting this Vodka cocktail competition.

The competition took place at the Crystal Rivers bar in the Mailbox, one of the most high class retail centres in the city.  The bar itself is a plush, high class number frequented by the high-rollers of Birmingham city.  Their new cocktail list starts in a few weeks, but more on that later.

The competitors were mostly local bartenders  from the Kenilworth, the Malmaison, the Victoria, and other cocktail bars dotted around the city.  Young guns with a love of their job and a real talent for mixing flavours.  Underpaid, overworked, retaining pride in their profession and there to represent their bar.

Watching them prepare was Caroline Clarke, there to represent Chase Vodka.  It was down to these young bucks to get her product into her customer’s glasses.  Could they do it?

The winner was Darren Thrower, he explained his drink even as he made it, in some detail  while he produced an amazing foamy drink.

Chris Hoy came next, his drink came with it’s own appetizers and was served in silver goblets.

Bex O’Neill was the only girl entrant, and her apple loaded drink was a wonder.

Ash Lambert, the host, didn’t have a good day out.  He started well, flambé-ing  fruit, then a faulty stopper drowned his drink in Vodka.  But he persevered to pull off a respectable fourth place.

Christian and Rob produced potato martinis and other drinks but sadly didn’t make the running.  Not that it stopped me trying them, and they were rather good.  And rather strong!

So if you want to try the winning cocktail yourself go catch up with Darren Thrower at the Kenilworth Hotel.

To purchase your own bottle of Chase Vodka, made in Britain and officially the best Vodka in the world, check out this site:

If you want to try Darren’s winning cocktail you will find him here:  (Just don’t ask him if he is really busy, it takes a while to make)

If you want a new place to take your friends for amazing drinks try Crystal Rivers


Written by Nick Gilmartin

July 27, 2010 at 12:14 pm

Posted in Food and Drink

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  1. Would love to get the recipes.


    July 27, 2010 at 12:18 pm

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