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It isn’t often you see people in flat caps outside a pub in Nuneaton in this day and age.  To wear one outside The Crew bar may be perceived as looking for a good kicking.

But, in honour of Lancashire’ finest folk band, the good people of Nuneaton  made an exception.

The Lancashire Hotpots are a modern day folk band who have been gaining a steady following all over north and central England.  Their upbeat, sing-a-long tunes deal with modern issues, such as Chavs, Emo types, Ikea, chips, and myspace.

They are also fiercely proud of their heritage, talking the talk and dressing like tinkers.  They came with a following of about a dozen, all dressed the part.  But what did the people of Nuneaton think of them?

Although a bit wary at first, and unsure of the accent, they soon got into the spirit of the evening, which was just to have fun, dance and sing along.  Soon they were dancing, conga-ing and joining in like honorary Lancastrians.

The Lancashire Hotpots are Bernard Thresher, Bob Wriggles, Dickie Ticker, Billy McCartney (“The only thing to come out of Merseyside that’s working”), and Kenny Body.  A founder member, Willie Eckerslike, passed away in May, aged only 38.

They were formed in December 2006 in Saint Helens, Lancashire.  They soon became favourites on local radio and played several open-air festivals.  In later years they featured on Colin Murray’s show on Radio One.

Their latest album, Criminal Record, is due for release later this year.

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August 27, 2010 at 9:24 pm

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