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Bluebeard’s Revenge

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The Cream of Plymouth

Bluebeard’s Revenge officially make the thickest and best shaving cream I have ever used. And in my time I have been through every brand known to man, beast, chin or vajaja.

It is a real tough guy’s product, so they reckon,  and they needed a real man to test it.  Apparently they were all busy so they called me instead.  It is a popular product among the Hollywood leading men, with a barber shop in Beverley Hills stocking it on the shelves.  So it is an easy sell to a brand whore like me.

If I was slightly drunk in the night and mistook my bathroom cupboard for the fridge I would find myself eating the stuff with a spoon.  The formula in question has been specially designed to cope with the really tough stubble for all the desperate Dan types out there.  Or Bluebeards as they are also known, hence the name.

Bluebeard’s Revenge is an honest to goodness quality product.  It isn’t meant to be cheap, but it is still affordable.  They also have some rather snazzy gift packs just in time for Christmas.  It’s special ingredient is Decelerine, which actively prevents hair re-growth.  The more you shave with it, the slower your beard grows back.

It can reduce stubble by 40% Beyond that it is largely chemical free and your skin feels the better for it.  Not only do you feel fresh and clean, you feel smooth and glossy.  Damn it, you feel like the guy in the advert.  The one with the big pecs and the sexy wife, who doesn’t use his razor on her legs.

Hello ladies....

To sum up, this is quite a find, and a product I wholeheartedly endorse.  For more info check out their site here

To buy your own tub of their creamy goodness you can purchase it here:


Written by Nick Gilmartin

November 23, 2010 at 9:13 pm

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