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Britain agrees to help Ireland

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Mr Cowen (Prime Minister) and Mr Lenihan (Finance Minister) facing the music

The latest developments in the Irish financial crisis may have  brought a temporary halt.  I think we can officially say the Irish economy has  sadly reached rock bottom.  It seems a forgone conclusion that the current Government will not survive into the new year, and they know it well.

Europe and now Britain has agreed to  loans measured in the billions, which has at least secured their future  but it may have seriously impaired their ability to act, economically, as a nation.

A lot of British people (mostly English) are asking why should we help Ireland when we have enough serious problems of our own?

The answers are mainly down to the future security of the country and the preservation of the peace process.  Britain needs a stable Republic of Ireland as we share a border that could see thousands coming over looking for work, as indeed happened in the 1930s.  Britain simply does not have the jobs to provide work for all those seeking it, we cannot even provide enough for our own people.  Furthermore they provide a lot of food, mainly beef, to our shopping baskets.

A weakened Irish government would give rise to a new and determined wave of nationalism.  Sinn Fein, like the BNP and the EDL, are gaining ground fast.  They, naturally, deplore this sell-out of their nation to foreign bureaucrats.  They have thousands of young, dissaffected Irish people to subvert for their own ends.  To them, accepting a loan from the British is the last straw.

We all can see that the peace process is running slowly out of steam.  It has made some rock solid foundations in the last ten years or so.  Unemployment shrank, the violence died down by a remarkable degree, ?  We have disarmament, a re-branded  police force (as opposed to an actual new one), and a power-sharing agreement for warring sides.

All this could come to naught if the angry young men and women of 2011 onwards decide: ‘ feck it, let’s blow something up and have a riot.’  Misery divides people, it never unites them.  Naturally both sides will blame each other for their privations and in no short space of time the bubbling cauldron of hate will boil over again.  This would only be fuelled by joblessness and poverty.

Can Ireland dig it’s way out of this hole?  Eventually yes, but we are talking generations, not a year or two.  They are a dogged, determined lot when they set their hearts on something and they can be wonderfully innovative when they want to be.  Don’t underestimate them, and don’t patronize them either, they hate that.  Just wait for them to bounce back.

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Written by Nick Gilmartin

November 23, 2010 at 2:26 pm

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