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Kitty Cointreau’s Bra Ha Ha!

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It isn’t often these days that we get out to see live entertainment, so when we do, we always hope it will be something pretty awesome.And this time we were certainly not disappointed!  And here’s why:

Kitty Cointreau and her troupe of glittery lovelies have been touring the country for over a year, gaining highly favourable reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe festival. On the bill that night were such graceful figures as Raven Lenore, Cherry Shakewell, Vendetta Vain and Florence Fontaine.


Firstly we were introduced by the host for the night, Wil Hodgeson.  He was a good host, interesting and just funny enough.  It is a difficult balance to get right, as Dave Twentyman will tell you.  It is bad form to be funnier than the comedians you are introducing.

Burlesque Compere

Then the curtain went up to reveal Vendetta Vain’s balloon act, which was quite a site.  Apart from one minor nipple tassel malfunction she did very well.

Burlesque 1

Hot on her stilletto heels was comedian Phil Ellis.  He had a good dry wit, a sense of timing and I had noticed, great shoes. Cherry Shakewell‘s truly awesome act followed, a shower of gold and glitter with herself as the centrepiece.

Burlesque 5

After a short break we were entertained by Oli Carey, a young, up and coming Comedienne

Then we were introduced to the purring sex kitten herself.  Ms Cointreau put on an amazing performance with grace and true elegance.

By a mile, the best Comedian of the night was Duncan Oakley, who’s slightly drunk and wired performance had us in hysterics.

So, it was a few days later that I managed to catch up with the fine lady herself and ask her a question:

Burlesque 3

What have been your career highlights so far?

The 2011 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It was BraHaHa’s second full run of the festival – with more than twenty shows in a very concentrated period. We attracted a lot of press attention and were featured in the Edinburgh Festivals Magazine, The Guardian, The Scotsman, Telegraph, and received so many great reviews. We built a lovely fan base too who kept coming to see the show night after night. We had so many big names on the bill and I was proud to close the show every night. As stressful and tiring as it was, it was a great pleasure and I have so many great memories from that festival. I also performed many guest slots around the festival, including Best of the Fest, Chortle’s Fast Fringe, Kabarett, the List Magazine’s opening press launch and compering the press launch for our venue, Just the Tonic, with The Culture Show present.
Kitty in vintage bathtub by Kate Donovan

So, after all that I think she has earned a long soak in the bath.

So, you can catch up with all the performers on Facebook by following the links.

Photo credits to Grace Elkin and Kate Donovan


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March 12, 2014 at 5:38 pm

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