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Fall at the feet of Maga Amante

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Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce the ravishing miss Maga Amante. This New England sex bomb has just landed on our shores and is currently gracing the pages of Front magazine. She has been driving the men of New England wild for years and caused the internet to virtually meltdown with her sizzling tumblr website. But her yearning for travel brought her all the way over here to spend some time away from the US and A. What did she make of little ole England? I thought I should find out.

Has it always been a dream of yours to visit Britain?

Yes! Ever since I can remember I have always fantasized about visiting the UK.

You have an obsession with burgers and pizza. Any other girl would like like the zit-riddled bride of Jabba the Hut by now? How do you stay so trim?

Haha! Trust me, I’m far from trim. I’m squishy and jiggly! But I (try) to work out everyday. Cardio daily, with weights every other day.

What has most surprised you about London so far?

How completely unreserved Englishmen are. They literally will just go up to you on the street or on the tube. Unexpected. I had always believed Englishmen to be quiet, conservative, and restrained. Oh! and that the cost of living actually isn’t so bad! Aside from gasoline and cigarettes that is. Cheap food, cheap booze…I dig it.

How do British guys treat you compared to American guys?

As I had mentioned, guys here are a lot more ballsy about their approach on woman. American men tend to mind their business and keep to themselves. I think they rather the female make the first move. Here, I see it is the opposite. Although it can be a little obnoxious and harrowing to be accosted when I just want to get from point A to point B, it’s also refreshing to see men not be complete and utter pussies.

You completely love Pandas, when your career really takes off will you be visiting China to see them in the wild?

That would be amazing!

Do you support any Panda charities?

Christ, way to put me on the spot here! No, I haven’t given money to any panda charities. However, IN HOPES OF SALVAGING MY IMAGE AFTER CALLING ME OUT LIKE THAT, I used to be part of the Save The Manatee Club, where I would give a donation every month. I know, they’re far from pandas; although pandas are my favorite animal, marine mammals have always held a special place in my heart!

Where do you hope your career will go from here?

I suppose technically I dabble in several “careers”. I model, cam, paint, and have a degree/experience in the animal field. For an actual solid future, I would definitely like to work in animal rehabilitation or work at a sanctuary for wildlife. I love being around animals and I’ve already done considerable work with all types of species, from dogs to cows to even seals. I love them all! That said, I’m not in any hurry to get there. I love adventuring, travelling, and just not being tied down to anything at the moment. I just graduated this past May, and right now I just want to travel.


So catch her while you can.  Mag


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February 2, 2011 at 3:37 pm

Loose Women – L A Style!

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Queen Bee and the Hive 2

Coming soon to your digital radio or via the internet is  Devyn’s Playground, a new show dedicated to her lifelong love on Indie music.

In Britain a girls only chat show consists of Jane McDonald and Coleen Nolan waffling on about HRT and stretch marks.  In L.A. the conversation can get a little more….. lively.  Whether it is talking about the effects of male semen on a ladies facial complexion, oral sex during that time of the month or bizarre sex fantasies involving Spongebob Squarepants.

So who are these rather eye-catching ladies?

Devyn Ashley herself is a riot of blonde hair , bosoms and balls-out attitude.  Her quick wit and sharp tongue have caused more casualties than a Bush security action memo.  Men have fallen headlong into her cleavage and have never been seen again.  Physically she is quite amazon-like, but still hugely feminine with a disarming manner.  Recently she appeared in a popular music video starring Asher Roth and Keri Hilson.

Her recurring guest star is Somaya Reece is an up and coming R&B music producer, this girl worked her way up out of deepest L.A. Her story is an article in itself.  Respect her.

Mieko A.K.A Cherry is a reality TV star, she featured in Flavour of Love on VH1.  She likes to serenade passing strangers in her neighbourhood.

Ms Toy and Lady Hustler make up the last of the five, together they make quite an impression whether it is in the club or in the street.

Queen Bee and the Hive

So I had some questions to put to this lady ringleader:

You girls go way back, and I mean waaaayyy back,  What is your first memory of each other?

I met Ms. Toy when we worked together at a call center.  She was the top sales diva and I had to get to know her sales secrets.  So we started the friendship at work but soon after that we started going out on the town.  I would invite Lady Hustla,  Ms. Toy would bring her sister Cherry and we would have a fantastic time!

Who’s idea was it to get your friends around a microphone and talk smut?

We took a road trip to Vegas and got caught in the worst traffic jam ever, so a ride that was supposed to only last 4 hours, took almost 14 hours, but we laughed the entire trip.  By the time we finally hit the Vegas strip we had already had the time of our lives.  We had a video camera on during that trip and the footage was so crazy funny, I thought, this is how women really are, might as well share it!

Have any of your shows been censored?

The shows don’t get censored, but there are times that we do get strong warnings about content.  I don’t mind pushing people’s buttons, but I also don’t want to loose my job, so we try and abide by the rules!

Tell me the juice on the Asher Roth video?

That was one of my favorite days on set.  They treated me like a princess!  Everyone was so sweet, so really no dirt!

You are all a very curvy, healthy size in a city of size zero women.  Does the world need more plus sized role models for young women?

I’m sure the young girls out there need someone who can act as a role model, but that someone isn’t me.  I’m trying to get through this life the best way I know how and struggle just like everyone else.  I couldn’t imagine even considering myself a role model.

And what is this lady doing next?  She is running the LA Marathon of course!  More on this story as it develops.

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January 6, 2010 at 1:31 am

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Jessica Delfino – UK was a blast all the way

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Photo by Doug Jaegar

Photo by Doug Jaegar

Comedian Jessica Delfino is back on home soil after a month shocking the hell out of  the UK from as far north as Edinburgh to as far south as Reading.    Just to bring her back down to earth she was promptly told to repack her unwashed laundry and pushed on to a train down to the deep south for a week to entertain the good people of North Carolina.

Having survived all that she finally put her feet up to check her e-mail and there is this guy from England trying to contact her for another  interview.  The true professional that she is, she got back to me pretty much straight away.

The Vagina song:  My Pussy is Magic!  Do you think (Whhhooohhoooooooowww!!) Bodyform or Fannyfresh Sanitary towels will be using it for their advertising campaign?

Actually, Always (brand of maxi pads) has already just recently begun using a “Magic” slogan / angle in a new ad campaign. I’m expecting a royalty check in the mail, but it probably “got lost”. Anyway, I’ve explained before — my pussy isn’t really magic, its just really tight, like one of those chinese finger traps. But I couldn’t have written a song called “My Pussy Is Like A Chinese Finger Trap” because that would have been racist.

When Sir Walter Raleigh returned from the UK he brought back Tobacco and Potatoes for Queen Elizabeth to try.  “Thats right, Liz, you burn the leaves in your face, sure it’s safe, babe.”  If you had an audience with President Obama, what would you bring him back from the UK and why?

Chocolate porn

Chocolate porn

I’d bring him one of those sweet ass Twirl chocolate bars with all that chocolate bunched up like a crumbly scroll of confection perfection, because them shits just melt in your mouth. We’d eat them together, savoring each chocolate wrinkle, discussing the importance of taking a moment to feast upon a tasty treat with a friend. I would make no metaphoric references or racial comparisons to the goodys we enjoyed. It’s not about race. It’s about the snack, man.

Do you feel any wiser for the UK experience?

You betcha. I learned that driving on the wrong side of the road is easy, climbing mountains is best done during daylight hours except that sometimes if you climb during the day, you get stung by wasps, buddhists are nice and cook yummy, gassy food, there are good sights to be seen in the UK, Faith No More still rocks, my friends are awesome, my UK fans and new friends are way cooler than other people who suck, the 24 hour stomach bug comes on quickly and is a huge asshole, and pounds are so much better than dollars. But the last one I already knew, it was just reiterated. Also, the Brits do not call their phone a “jingly-doo”.

Did you get as many Wolf-whistles in the UK as you did in the US?

Naw, UK dudes are polite. Even the flirtatious Russell Brand was a gentleman. Instead of “wolf-whistling” me, as you call it (we call it “cat-calling”) they strolled up, removed their top hats, announced the style of weather we were surrounded by, invited me to enjoy a hot beverage or trip to the countryside and if I declined, bid me a good day.

Where were you when you heard Patrick Swayze had died?  How did you take it?

I was watching Dirty Dancing on a loop as is the custom in my household, and my entire family called on a conference call to break the news. I am still not quite the woman I used to be. All my childhood heros are dying. It’s a real drag fest, and not the fun kind where the men all wear huge high heels.

We saw the Tyra Banks episode you were in, your Borat-like take on the show had her pretty well stitched up.  I am so glad that American TV caters so well for the mentally retarded.  Could you tell us how this all started?  (You going on the show, that is.  Not the ice age, dinosaurs, and all that shit)

A casting person called me and asked me to be on the show. I knew I had to do something a little silly. I wish I’d gone even more overboard, but your hands are kind of tied. The shows are edited and aired later, so even if I did something super fun, it would’ve gotten taken out. Tyra has prehistoric shark eyes. I looked for a glimmer of soul in them, but all I saw were colored contacts.

What is next on the agenda for the Jessica Delfino comedy empire?

On Nov 12 I have a show at Ars Nova, a really cool and subversive comedy theater in NYC which I’m really excited about, and I’m going to be performing in the NY Comedy Festival as part of the Andy Kaufman Award Show. I was asked to make a video for the show, here is mine:

So there you have it.  If you feel an uncontrollable desire to see her perform live keep checking her myspace page (remember those?) or on her twitter account or her blog.

If I blend in, the cops might walk right by

If I blend in, the cops might walk right by

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October 7, 2009 at 3:14 pm

Bar Refaeli is looking hot

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Bar 1

And the best news is, she is single again!  This lady be one of Leonardo DiCaprio’s has beens, but that wouldn’t stop any of us fancying our chances.

Born in 1985 in Hod HaSharon, Israel, she started modelling at the tender age of 8 months for baby commercials.  But it wasn’t until after she turned 15 and had her braces out that she gave us the full force of her looks.

Bar 2

She soon went from strength to strength, dazzling such companies as Castro, Pilpel, Subaru,  and Accesorize.  She made the covers of Elle, GQ and Maxim magazine.  All issues proved a sell-out.

Bar 3

She is now contracted to Storm Model Management in London and 1/One Management in New York.  Her most recent achievements include making the cover of Sports Illustrated’s Swimwear Issue.

Bauer Griffin Online

Bauer Griffin Online

Away from the Nikon’s she has worked in TV,  presenting Tommy Hilfinger’s Ironic Iconic America, and, briefly, MTV’s House of Style.

Bauer Griffin Online

Bauer Griffin Online

She has also done charity work for the Sunshine Project, that works with children with terminal illnesses and Ahava, which rehomes pets left behind in the war in Northern Israel.

Later this year she will star in an English-language film, Session, directed by Israeli Haim Bouzaglo. The film is a psychological thriller that tells the story of a manipulative psychiatrist, Josh Tellman, who becomes obsessed with a new young patient named “Jibbs.”

Check out her website at:

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August 18, 2009 at 5:34 pm

Google Wave

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The Google Wave logo

The Google Wave logo

Right pay attention class.  I am going to do an impression of my long lost IT teacher here.  I need to tell you all about something new that will be revolutionising the way we use the internet.  Luckily Bill Gates has nothing to do with it this time, he is slowly getting edged out of the picture.

Google wave is the new web application that will weld together a lot of the seperate applications we currently use.  It will be available from 30 September 2009.

So I will hand you over to the Geeks now who will explain everything:

Did you get all that?  It made me feel like a seventh grader the first time I saw it.  After the third time it all started to sink in.

Ever since MSN became the networking tool of choice, I wondered where the internet will take us next.  As far as Networking goes, Myspace became the next big thing that everybody had.  It was good but it’s design left a lot of dead ends.  It gave you a single web page that you could paint and decorate to your hearts content and play whatever music you liked.  It was essentially your internet bedroom.

Facebook came next and stole Myspace’s thunder in a big way.  While it had few of the design features it was truer to it’s networking tool purpose.  It introduced people to folks they had not spoken too in decades.  It was a true social revolution.

Twitter came next, it was a constant stream of rolling short messages.  It was a glimpse of people’s lives, second by second.  It earned a unique place in history by being credited as directly assisting a revolution.  Beat that eh?

Now we have the wave technology, and I am very interested in where it will take us.  Instead of sending a message and its entire thread of previous messages or requiring all responses to be stored in each user’s inbox for context, objects known as “waves” contain a complete thread of multimedia messages (blips) and are located on a central server. Waves are shared and collaborators can be added or removed at any point during a wave’s existence.

With me so far?

And if all that hasn’t fried your noodles we also have Google Wave Federation Protocol, which will be open for all to use.  This is based on XMPP and it is computer language for us to learn.  But although we groan, we do pick it up pretty quick.

So if all this is making sense we have a brave new world to look forward to, and if we are prepared then we should be ready to catch this perfect wave.

Who’s coming surfing?

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July 24, 2009 at 8:23 pm

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Sons of Anarchy (the programme we may all be watching)

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Sons of Anarchy coming soon..

Sons of Anarchy coming soon..

The latest acclaimed series to leave American shores is Kurt Sutter’s Sons of Anarchy.  The story of a mid-thirties guy who tries to balance life as a new father with life as a member of a Biker gang.

Kurt Sutter is the man behind the Shield and a forthcoming re-make of Enter the Dragon.

Playing the lead character we have English actor Charlie Hunnam.  His previous work includes Biker Grove, Hooligans, know in the UK as Green Street.  He was also in several episodes of Queer as Folk, which is a bit of a departure.  Also in the series we have Sutter’s real-life-wife Katey Sagal and Ron Pearlman.

The biker gangs came about after the Second World War.  Returning veterans found it hard to adjust to civilian life and several hundred found release by forming gangs of motorcycle enthusiasts.   One of the pioneers were the Hell’s Angels (L.A. chapter), established in 1957.  Named after a wartime Air Force squadron and led by the charismatic Ralph ‘Sonny’ Barger, they became infamous for their violence and organized crime.

Other groups soon followed, such as the Outlaws, the Pagans, the Mongols and Bandidos.  Their organisation is far from anarchic, each chapter has a President, Vice-President, Secretary and a Sergeant-at-Arms.

Over the years they have been known to be involved in Riots, Extortion, Prostitution, Drugs and Arms dealings.  Paradoxially they have also done a lot of work for orphans charities and veterans.

So I will leave you today with a clip of what may be the best series on British TV since the Sopranos.

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May 13, 2009 at 5:05 pm

Introducing Sara Benincasa (Strap in, gentlemen)

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One of New York’s rising stars on the comedy circuit is Jersey Girl, Sara Benincasa.  Recently awarded MTV Choose or Lose citizen report for New York, Sara continues to make waves in the state and national media of the states.


She hosts her own show called the ‘family hour’ at comedy venue Comix.  The topic is naturally families, but we don’t recommend bringing the kids or your own mom and dad.  Good heavens, no.

During the run up to the 2008 elections she perfected her parody of Sarah Palin down to a freaky likeness.  Some people could not tell the difference, which tells you more about credibility of Palin than Benincasa.

Not only that she has also written story ideas for the, sex blogs for, and best of all, she interviews people in her bathtub.  Maybe she was pushed for time or something?

Evidently behind the flame red hair and big puppy eyes she is ferociously intelligent.  But life has not been all plain sailing for Sara, she spent years suffering agrophobia and panic attacks.  But, hey, it gave her more material to write about.  I sat through her bowls of pee routine cringing behind my fingers.

This link contains one potty-mouthed lady talking about peeing into bowls.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you,you candy assed Mary Whitehouse suck-up.

So we Myspace’d her and we put a few questions to her.

Did you see the big riot outside the studio for America’s Top Model? Were you there foraging for the strappy sandal to match the one you just found containing a dismembered foot?

I actually started the big riot at the ANTM tryouts. I’m into starting riots. And humanitarian movements. Sometimes these motivations come into conflict with one another. I’m a complicated person. And I actually have several dismembered feet.

Did you pull out the toe nails and keep them as a false pair?

I prefer to eat them, for the protein. And the laughs!

Yummy.  You interview people in the bath. Do you ever see any farty bubbles going on down there?

I have never encountered fart bubbles whilst interviewing anyone in the bath. People have thus far been great about holding that in.

We all want to know, when are you going to do a few UK dates? Because if you think America is a fucked-up country…

I would love to come to the UK and do some comedy. But this might be an expensive endeavor, unless someone were providing me with a bed and possibly food. You see, your country is currently more financially successful than mine, and the exchange rate is in your favor. Therefore, I am but a poor cousin from the colonies, who will resort to telling jokes for scraps of bread.

Is the current recession providing a wealth of new material?

Yes. See bit above about being a poor cousin from the colonies. Granted, it’s not great comedy. It’s not even particularly funny. It’s just true. Sigh.

You say you crave the approval of Lesbians. As a guy I can totally associate with that. What is the best way to get the girlfriend to approve a threesome?

Hmm. Not having been in any threesomes myself, I am going to base this on what I’ve heard while doing my radio show (it’s a sex chat show on satellite radio in America and Canada; if you people had only held onto your most fabulous colonies like you were supposed to, you might have the satellite radio as well.)

I suppose the best way to get her to approve a threesome would be to ask her if she genuinely has any interest in doing it. If not, you really shouldn’t press the matter, as it’ll turn into a fucking shitstorm and she’ll end up leaving you for a more enlightened fellow, and also she’ll tell her dad that you are a perv and then he will hate you. Let her know that you’re okay with just watching, not participating (making it a bit less of a threesome, I suppose, but at least you get to watch!) And let her pick the girl, at a bar or pub or whatever you people call it.

And be open to the fact that she might want another guy in the mix. And she might want to ask you and the guy to make out. Things could get really gay up in there, is all I’m saying.

Spoken like a true agony aunt.

To see more of Sara Benincasa follow this link:


Photos by Anya Garrett.

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