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At the minute I have a trilogy of books available to publish.

The Republican

The Republican

The Republican is a semi-fictional tale based on real events. It relates the actions of a young Irish patriot who fought in the 1916 Rising. He seized a location at gunpoint and barricaded himself in with a small team. From there he held off a company of soldiers for several days. Eventually he was captured but will he survive his fate at the hands of a crazed officer?

The Kingdom of Rats picks up the tale, as James is transferred to a barren camp in Wales where he and many others unite under the spartan conditions and contend with the bombastic Commandant. In total secrecy he and his team plan a campaign to beat the British at their own game upon their release.

The Price of Freedom relates the national turmoil when James’ plans are put into practice. Ireland is torn by ruthless guerrilla warfare, bombings and assassinations. Eventually a truce is declared by the British but the treaty brought home by Michael Collins only offers half their demands. Who would vote for the treaty and who against? With frightening speed friends become enemies and allies become deadly opponents.

I have also written several volumes for Children aged 10-12.

Monkey, world travelling aviator, whatever

Monkey, world travelling aviator, whatever

Seamus Monkey\s Travels tell the story of a Monkey who, while on holiday, goes Para-Gliding. When the elastic holding him to the boat snaps he finds himself floating off on an unplanned trip around Europe. He sees many strange things, lopsided buildings, people who throw tomatoes and run with bulls. Eventually he reaches home to find he is now famous.

Seamus and Norman’s Road Trip sees Seamus return, accompanied by his Inventor brother, Norman. The two take a trip to the British Grand Prix with the aid of Norman’s home made Sat Nav device. Not all goes to plan however and their journey takes them through fields of bulls and down railway tracks. Eventually they arrive, not only at the race, but in it! They have to use all their Monkey wits against the world champion, Max Von Sourkraut.


Written by Nick Gilmartin

November 15, 2008 at 3:38 pm

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  1. So where can we find these illustrious examples of fine writ?

    Sarah Viollet

    August 3, 2010 at 2:56 pm

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